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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reese Jensen Photos (full name: Ernest Maurice)

I was recently reunited with some of my cousins on Facebook, and they asked if I had any photos of Reese and his kids.  Well, I am happy to say that I do (thanks to my mom!) and here they are.

(NOTE:  The information that I post with the photo is the info that my mom labeled for each picture.  I'm sure there may be some mistakes and if you catch these mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them.  Thanks!)

Ernest Maurice Jensen - aka Reese:
Birth:  31 Dec 1929 in Goshen, Utah County, Utah, USA
Death: 2 Dec 1984 in Mt. Pleasant, San Pete County, USA
Reese Jensen, School Photo
Reese, c. 1941

Clockwise from Top:  Billy, Reese, Afton, Emma.  Standing in front of Charlie and Emma's home in Provo. c. 1941
Another school photo.  He attended the Franklin School in Provo, Utah.

Reese, on the front porch of Jensen House in Provo. c. 1947
Reese, chopping wood by the shed. c. 1947

Reese,  February 1962

Michael Jensen, Reese's son, c 1956
Bobbie Jensen, Reese's son c. 1954

Michael Jensen, as a baby

Michael and Bobbie, Reese's sons

Afton holding Bobbie, Reese's son, and Reese. c. 1952

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