My name is Mary Ann Whitehead Overson and this blog is dedicated to all the amazing men and women who came before me: my ancestors. I also want to acknowledge my father, Armand Toyn Whitehead, who is the person responsible for a lot of the content in this blog; my dad has spent countless hours collecting and preserving photos and histories, and preserving them on the computer so that they can be handed down for generations. Thank you, Dad!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obituaries: Stay Tuned!!!!

I have been doing some searching for specific obituaries as of late.  I have found the Deseret News Historic Archive (online) a treasure trove for obituaries, especially for those ancestors who died between 1930 and 1955, the reason being that the Deseret News published death notices for people from all over the state, not just those from Salt Lake County, during those years.  I guess the population was small enough back then that they could afford to publish news from all over Utah.

Anyway, in the following weeks, I will be publishing the transcribed obituaries that I have found.  Most of them are from my mother's side of the family, the side I've been focusing on, but some from the Whitehead Line, as well. 

So, keep your eyes peeled.  I cannot (or will not) stop and take the time to explain the relationship of each of these people - so if you don't know who they are in relation to our family, guess what?!!!  You can do some of your own research - or, if you ask nicely, (or even if you don't!) I'll send you a copy of a GEDCOM of our family tree and you can look at it on PAF or any other genealogical software you use.

P.S. If the obituary came with a photo I will include it, but if there was no photo published in the paper, I label it on the obituary as "No photo added" or something like that.

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