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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Josephine May Nixon and Erastus Goddard Whitehead

Some new photos I came across today, ones I've never before seen:
Josehpine May Nixon Whitehead: It's unknown when this was taken, but the original is in possession of Marilyn Williams.  This is a Photoshopped version, since the copy I have is quite deteriorated.  With how old these photos are, it's a wonder we even have them!

Erastus Goddard Whitehead, c. 1905.  I think he was the most handsome man!  I bet Josephine did, too!

Here is a photo of their house in St. George:
Erastus G. Whitehead home, 89 W. Diagonal Street, St. George, Utah.

Another view of E. G. Whitehead home.  This home is still standing (and for sale, I understand).

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