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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mary Ann Wardle Bale Letter, 1868

Mary Ann Wardle Bale

Here is a letter that I found as part of a Bale Family History from the DUP (see below for more info) which I will post in full this week - a tasty tidbit meant to make your mouth water for more!  Mary Ann Wardle Bale is my 3rd Great Grandmother on my mother's side.  She was married to Thomas Bale.  By the time  she wrote this letter all but two of her children had emigrated to Utah, and she had suffered the recent loss of her daughter, Mary Ann Bale, only 23 when she died, who left behind a daughter, Emma Hannah - a story in and of itself, but one that will have to wait!  When Mary Ann W. Bale mentions "Mary Ann's little girl" Emma Hannah is who she is referring to.  Thomas and Mary Ann W. Bale, along with Emma Hannah, did not emigrate until 1869, the following year.  

The main person she is writing to is Israel Bale, her firstborn, and the first to emigrate.  She has not seen him for 6 years at this point.
Israel Bale 1835-1912

Letter from Mary Ann Wardle Bale to her children in Utah, dated July 6, 1868.

6 Jul 1868
Silver Street, Whitwick, England

Dear Sons and Daughter,
            I now take the pleasure of writing these few lines unto you hopeing they will find you all well as it leaves us at this time;  excepting your father, I cannot say he is well as he has to stay home from work verry often through illness.  Dear son [Israel], I often think that you have quite forgot us.  And the old saying is out of sight out of mind, but if you have forgotten your mother she cannot forget you.  If you can’t do anything for me you might let me know how you are getting along.
            Dear son, I have to inform you that Mother Goddard and your sister Caroline set sail on the 24th June in company with Bro. James Welch and his wife and your Uncle William, your aunt Hannah’s son William.  The name of the ship is ‘Constitution’.  The first ship that started was ‘John Bright.’  Your aunt Hannah and you Uncle William Grice and your Aunt Lidya’s daughter Mary and her husband and seven children sailed in the same.  Now my son, I have prayed for many years that the Lord would deliver me from this wicked generation.  Now me and your Father are left by ourselves except Mary Ann’s little girl, sometimes I take it verry hard to think that I have two sons in a land where there’s peace and plenty and we are pining in the midst of poverty.  But I thank my God that I am still alive.  I often think my case is hard, but our God has promised that he will never forsake his saints.  I’ve found him true to his promise.  I feel thankful that He has opened up a way for my daughter to go [to Utah].  You know when the Lord works non can hinder.  I hope either you or Hyrum will please rite back as quick as possible and let me know how you are all getting along.  And then I shall know that you have got it [the letter].  Give a Father’s and Mother’s best love to Hyrum.  Tell him that I hope he is doing the best he can towards getting his poor Father and Mother out of old Babylon.  Tell him he sent so much love and respect in the last letter that I could not see it.  Give our loves to David and I hope the time will soon come when I shall meet you all and when we meet no tongue can tell how great our joys will be.  Bro T. Ball [Thomas Ball, a neighbor] send his love to you all , also Joseph Ball send his love to David and Hyrum and all of you.  So now my son I must conclude, so goodbye and God bless you all.
                                                                                    Thomas and Mary Bale.

*transcribed from a typed transcription of original letter by Mary Ann Whitehead Overson, 27 Apr 2012 (from History of the Bale Family, author unknown [Alan Kendall may be the original copy owner], typed history submitted 2007 to the DUP by Verna Wilson Motes of Idaho Falls, Idaho.)  No corrections were made to spelling or grammar and items in brackets are for clarification by MAO.

Silver Street, Whitwick, England circa 1900.  Photo courtesy http://www.goleicestershire.com/see-and-do/Whitwick-Historical-Group-SpecialProject.aspx

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