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Friday, September 28, 2012

Schultz Sisters Pioneer Company

In a previous post about Johanna Marie Schultz Nixon and Sena [aka, Sidse] Schultz Barton, I had mentioned the pioneer company they traveled with.  At that point, in the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Index, 1847–1868 online, the two girls were listed as having different last names, and they were listed in an "unknown pioneer company".  I have an update about these two brave sisters!

My father, Armand Whitehead and his sweet wife, Judy, are serving a mission at the Family History Library in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  He called me this morning to let me know that they were just assigned to work on the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel index!  He was able to find (his first success!) the company that Johanna and Sena traveled in:  the James S. Brown Company, 1859.  This is good news which might help us find further information and answers to questions we have about the Schultz family and their journey to Zion.  Thank you, Dad! 

You can now go to Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868 and see the updated information on Johanna and Sena [Sidse], or any other pioneer you may be researching, by following this link:  http://www.lds.org/churchhistory/library/pioneercompanysearch/0,15773,3966-1-2068,00.html

One thing to keep in mind - the girls are listed under different last names, but if you type in Schultz in the surname field, you should be able to find them. 

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