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Friday, December 21, 2012

Adolphus Rennie Whithehead Journal (1878-1881)

As per request from a dear cousin, I am posting the journal of Adolphus Rennie Whitehead, born June 10, 1842 in London, Middlesex, England to Francis Wilby Whitehead and Elizabeth Jane Jarrold Whitehead (div.).  He is my 2nd Great Grandfather on my father's side.  This was transcribed by my father, Armand Toyn Whitehead, from A. R. Whitehead's original journal.  In a later posting, I will post his 1st wife's journal, Mary Elizabeth Goddard Whitehead.

St. George, 1878, June                                                                      A. R. Whitehead, p. 1 (9)
June 4th 1878.  In consequence of certain questions, propounded to me by Prest E. Snow,  I resolved to keep a synopsis of my doings each day, commencing to day.
I worked in the Temple until 9 A.M. Attended County Court until 12 A.M.  Met Prest E. Snow about 2 P.M, appointed a Meeting at 6 P.M.
Occupied the afternoon in the Office and at 6 P.M. was in Conference with Prest E. Snow, Judge Wm Snow and John M. Macfarlane.
Prest E. Snow stated that he wished to have a written statement of Judge Snow and myself as to all we know in relation to the commencement of, and proceedings in the Dunford Divorce suit, as to the Complicity of Bro W. Woodruff, Bro McAllister and others in the affair, the result of which was I made my statement of the matter, and Bro. Wm Snow and Bro J. M. Macfarlane theirs, which Prest.  Now said he wished made in writing on the following day.
Went home at 10 P.M.
June 5th 1878.  Worked In the Temple until until (sic) 1 P.M. Wrote the following statement in the afternoon.
Statement of Adolphus R. Whitehead Clerk of the Probate Court of Washington County made the 4th day of June 1878 in answer to questions propounded to him by Prest Erastus Snow, in relation to the Divorce Suit of Susan G, Dunford,
He says about the beginning of January 1878 as near as his memory serves him, Susan G. Dunford came to him and stated that she wished to obtain a Divorce from Alma (p.2) that she wished it done quietly and desired him not to say anything about it, he asked her if Bro woodruff was
 St. George, 1878,  June                                                                  A. R. Whitehead, P. 2 (10)
acquainted with what she was doing? She answered that he was and that he had advised her to do it, or was willing she should, she also said something about having thought of getting the Divorce when she was in Salt Lake City, and had spoken to Prest Taylor about it, that Prest Taylor did not wish her to get it there. he thought she told him that Prest Taylor thought she had better wait until Bro Dunford came home, but was not certain.  About the last On the 5th of January or there abouts lst of Feb at the a Stake Priesthood Meeting he asked Bro Woodruff if he understood Susie was applying for a Divorce and wished to know if it was right, says Bro Woodruff answered that he thought it was as he understood that she and Alma had never been happy together since they were married, said he bad wanted a Bill just before he went on his Mission, Bro Woodruff said be had talked with the Judge in relation to the matter and that he wished it done as still as possible.
On the lst day of February, Susie came and filed her complaint, stating to me that she did not wish to expose Almas faults too much, consequently she only complained of Incompatibility of Temper, I asked her if she wished to ask for the children and the property? she said the Property was all hers except a portion of the Furniture and the Organ and Almas Office Furniture and in her complaint asked for the Children (p.3) and the Household & Kitchen Furniture and the Organ, She wished to know if she could get the Divorce right away? I told her that service would have to be made on Bro Dunford either by publication in the News or by sending a Copy of the complaint and a Summons to him In England and if he would accept service, sign and return the summons. it would do,
 St. George, 1878, June                                                                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 3 (11)
but if he failed to do so, then it would still have to be published, she wished me to send the summons to him, which I did, and accompanying it a letter of explanation stating that we did not wish to take any advantage of his absense, that he could sign the summons accepting the service, if he felt to do so, and send the answer if he wished, or he could employ some one here to defend his suit or come himself and defend himself.
I received no answer from him, a few weeks afterwards Susie came to me, enquired if I had heard from Alma, stated she had learned that David Cannon had filed a lien on her House for a debt, chided me for not informing her of it, said she wanted to pay Bro Cannon and did not know how, without she could sell a piece of Property in Salt Lake City, wanted to know if Alma could do anything if she sold the Furniture, said it was her Furniture, that her Father had given her, I told her she had a right to sell anything that belonged to her, she said that every thing was hers but his Office Tools and Office Furrniture.
Some time about the last of March or the 1st of April she came and told me that Alma had arrived In Salt Lake City, (p.4) stated to me that she had sent the children out to Trumbull, I told her that it would have been better had she kept them at home, she said she was afraid he would come and take them away, I told her if she had kept them with her, she would be better able to watch them, that she could have obtained an Injunction if she found he was attempting to take the children before the decision of the Court was given.
A few days previous to Bro Dunfords arrival Prest McAllister asked me
 St. George, 1878, June                                                                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 4 (12)
in the Temple, if I had a visitor last evening I said "I had not" he said "Alma was coming home, that Susie was afraid to be alone and wished to go to some friends house to stop, and he said he referred her to me, I said I did not have any spare room and did not propose to mix up in the affair.
Susie came to me that same day and stated that Alma was coming, that she was afraid to be alone &c she asked my advice in relation to the suit about getting me or some one to conduct it for her.  I told her I was the Clerk of the Court and did not wish to undertake anything of the kind, but told her that I would not get any one at present but wait and see what course Alma took after she had seen his Answer she could tell better what she would need, but when he arrived and filed his answer I advised her to obtain the services of Bro E. G. Woolley to assist her.
Bro Dunford arrived and after obtaining Councel, filed his Answer and the time being set for April 26th.  Susie appeared with her Mother and three other Witnesses (p.5) but without any Councel, the Judge and also Bro J. M. Macfarlane the Lawyer for Alma, repeatedly tried to pursuade her to get some one to conduct the case for her, but she repeatedly refused, and not being acquainted with the usage of eliciting testimony, she would tell the Witnesses what to say and the defense of course objected for a time, and one unaccustomed to Courts would think she did not have a fair chance, but in my opinion as also the opinion of many others the Court and defense were very lenient with her   The evidence adduced during the two days of the trial, in reality showed, no cause
 St. George, 1878, June                                                                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 5 (13)
for Action and were it not that the Defendant in his plea, admitted that now the parties could not live in peace together, in consequence of the course of Susie in commencing the suit, sending off the children, disposing.of the furniture &c, no Judge, judging from the evidence given in Court and the 14 of her own Letters to Alma since he departed for England, 13 of which were most affectionate and the 14th being the last, without showing any cause for the change, telling him of her intention to be divorced, and also a Farewell address composed by her upon the departure of Alma for Europe, could possible have granted the Decree of Divorce, had not the Defendant admitted as aforesaid. Previous to the trial, Susie came to me and said Alma wished an interview with her, said she did not wish to be alone with him, and wished me to be present, I rather objected at the time, but afterwards Alma came to be and wished me to try and arrange so that they could have an Interview, he also wishing me to be present, I then went and saw Susie and (p.6) the tine was appointed for 5 P.M.  I tried to find Alma to tell him of the time appointed, but could not, and learned that he had gone with the Ward Teachers to see her, consequently I did not go as I thought the Teachers were enough.
In the course of the Trial It was proved that the Teachers had effected a settlement between Susie and Alma in relation to the children and the division of the Property, providing Alma would pay Bro Cannons debt he went to ascertain if he could settle the debt, and when he went with the Teachers to close the agreement Susie backed out, and it was proved that Sister Lucy B. Young was the cause of her changing her mind, it was also proved that Lucy B, said to the teachers, that if she had been
 St. George, 1878, June                                                                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 6 (14)
there, she would have put them out of doors.
In the decision of the Judge, Alma was to have the Title to the House and Lot in Salt Late City.  A few days after the decision (which by the way was put off two weeks to give the parties a chance to agree if they could themselves.)  Alma came to me and stated that Susie said she was willing to sign the Deed, said he took the Deed for her to sign and she refused to talk to him, he wished me to take it and get her to sign it, when I went she refused to do so, Alma then filed an Affidavit for Attachment for Contempt, before having it served I wrote a Note to Susie, explaining what Alma was doing, in which I explained that it would put her to a good deal of expense and trouble and if she wished to prevent it she had better sign the Deed  She came to my office, said she had come to sign it, I gave her the Deed (p.7) and she changed the Deed, making the Transfer to Alma as Guardian of the Children, I told her, that would not do, as it did not satisfy the Decree. She said she would not sign it any other way, said she would lay in prison until she rotted before she would sign it  I told her I should have to telegraph to the Judge and serve the Attachment.  The papers were served and on the day of trial, she appeared and remained in contempt of the Court the whole of the afternoon by signing the Deed but refusing to acknowledge it. Both the Judge and myself stated to her, that she could acknowledge that she done it in compliance with the Decree of the Court, but she would not, about dark the Judge committed her to the care of the Bailiff until she did acknowledge the signature, between Nine and ten Oclock after every- thing was arranged for her comfort for the night in an Office in the Court House and a Female Attendant with her she having refused to be kept
 St. George, 1878, June                                                                   A. R. Whitehead, P. 7 (15)
at her own home.  Bro. Moses F. Farnsworth, the chief a Clerk at the Temple came up and saw her and she consented for Bro Lund a Notary Public to come in and she made the acknowledgement, he using the same words in taking it the acknowledgement as had been used previously used in the Court, by the Judge and Clerk and she had refused to do it she was released after taking the acknowledgement.  she was released immediately
                                                                                    A. R. Whitehead
June 6th.  Worked at the Temple until 12-30    Wrote out Wm Snows State- ment for Prest E. Snow.
Prest E. Snow came in the Office In the evening, said Bro J. W. Nixon had told him (p.8) how he was instructed by J. G. Bleak to take out Bro Dunfords children to Trumbull said Bleak said  We wish you to do it. that Bleak went in the night with a Team and took away the Organ and Furniture from Susie's, and assisted Nixon to start with the children. Nixon started at 5 A.M.
June 7th.  Worked at Temple as Jas. left there at 1 P.M. finished copying the statement of W. Snow.
June 8th.  Not well, sent Notice to Suttan & Jacobs in relation to their Tax, instructed J. M. Mac to see them.
June 10th.  Held County Court.
June 11th.  Worked at Temple. Baptisms
June 12                "         "        "           James & Recording
June 13                "         "        "               "                 "
June 14                "         "        "               "                 "
 St, George, 1878, June                                                                   A. R. Whitehead, p..8 (16)
June 15  Attended Conference
Jung 17  In Office Recording &c
June 18  Worked at temple  Baptisms & Recording
June 19  Worked at Temple  Peter & Recording  Amy quit work
June 20  Worked at Temple  Peter & Recording
June 21  Worked at Temple  Peter & Recording
June 22  Worked in Office.  sent to Livington enquiring about Goods wrote to Mother.  Sent to Calder &c. for Strings.  sent for Musical Horns for Elizth A. Snow
June l3  Attended Meetings Thos Judd & E. Snow forenoon and D. H Cannon, W. D. Johnson & J. M. Macfarlane occupied the time. attended Circle, and Meeting of the Order in the evening.
June 24  Worked in the Office.  visited Prest E. Snow with I. Cox on School Matters.  he advised us to employ Miss Cook as Teacher to a (p.9) Central School.  sent $3.50 to Wm Clayton for Recording.  Brands to wit. W. E. Cowley 100. J. S. Emmett 150 John Alger 100 Check $300 No 7208 dated Leeds, Utah June 10th 1878, Wells Fargo & Company S.L.C.  Pay to A. R. W. on order Signed John H Rice Cashier endorsed.  "Pay Wm Clayton, A R Whitehead and 50 cents Legal Tender.
Answered Herman Krause letter showing Title to Hannahaus Saloon.
June 25  Worked at the Temple in the forenoon.  in the Office in the afternoon.
June 26  Worked at Temple, Peter & Recording
June 27  Worked at Temple, Peter & Recording
June 28  Worked at Temple, Peter & Recording
June 29  Worked in the Office.
 St. George, 1878, June & July                                                       A. R. Whitehead, p. 9 (17)
June 30  Attended lst Ward Sabbath school,  Spoke to the children. Attended Meeting Morning and afternoon
July 1. Worked in the Office all day
July 2  Worked at the Temple, confirming.  Office in the P.M.
July 3  Worked at the Temple Recording &c.  Endowed for Thomas Chapman Harrison,  Worked on Tax List in the P.M.
July 4  Worked at the Temple, Recording &c.  Endowed for William Harrison. Attended Store.  P.M. and Ball for a short time in the Evening.  My wife sick.
July 5. Worked in the Temple, Recording &c, Endowed William Harrison.
Worked on Tax List.  Attended Choir Practise.
July 6. In Office all day. A. C. Potter, C. C. Branham and others from Silver Reef attending sale, went with them to the Tabernacle, told Branham of a Deed being on Record from Francis to Gisborn wished a full certified copy of it.
Wrote to Gardner of Pine Valley about furnishing Lumber for part Factory pay and part Canaan.  Mary still quite unwell.  Paid Woolley, Lund & Judd 5070 amt due C. M. Livington & Expressage.
July 7. Attended Meetings, Geo. Baker, M. F. Farnsworth and D. H. Cannon, spoke in the forenoon, Bros. Sanders and Rogers of Salt Lake, T. Judd, H. Eyring, W. Granger and Prest J. D. T. McAllister in the afternoon. (p.10)  My wife still quite unwell.
July 8.  Mary quite unwell but got up and got breakfast  felt rather poorly myself.  tried to get some one to stay with my wife and help her but failed.  Recorded 2 Deeds, Made Certified Copy for Mr. Branham.
 St. George, 1878, July                                                                  A. R. Whitehead, p. 10 (18)
Certified to a Deed for H. S. Subbok   Receipted Leeds M. Co. for $200 (S. A. P. Tipsey)
July 9. Temple until 10-30  Recording and Confirming.  Recorded 2 Liens, Made Homestead Papers for C. A. Connelly, attended Trial of Fuller Bros.  Louise Farnsworth commenced working at the House
July 10. Temple until 10.  Recording.  Called Roll. got A. P. Winsor to Sword & Count in my place, was excused by Prest McAllister. While at the Temple, heard Bp. Cannon and A. P. Winsor talking about the Officers being drunk when they arrested the Fuller Bros.  A. P. Winsor said he would not vote for Hardy as Sheriff.  that the Officers were so drunk they left their bottles not emptied on the road.  I told Winsor I thought Hardy was as good a sheriff as we could get, that he wanted the Office.
Attended the Trial of Fullers a short time, they were fined 50 dollars each and costs took an appeal.
In order to put Bro Hardy on his guard about drinking so much, as I had seen several bottles go into his office, I told him of part of the talk at the Temple he wished to know who it was but I would not tell him.
I recorded a Chattel Mortgage for J. H. Rice gave it to Jos Bentley to send to him.
Went to the Washington Field with Bp Cannon to look at some land with the object of buying if it suited. it (p.ll) did not suit me, saw my Lucerne and was much pleased with it.  returned home and run a piece of wood 3/4 inch long under my nail into my finger, very painful all night, Slept but very little.
 St. George, 1878, July                                                                   A.R. Whitehead, p. 11 (19)
July 11th.  Temple until 1 P.M.  Recorded, called Roll, and represented G. worked at Vc.  attended circle was M. 12 Bot Oil for End. 3 for Sick. Took acknowledgement for Cunningham of Deed as Attorney in fact for Jas Cunningham to J Hinman of Copper Mine.  Recorded 2 Deeds, wrote 2 Election Notices, Letter to Mrs. Barratt about Money due her from G. M. Co.  Ordered Blanks from Deseret News Office.  Sent for Hand Cuffs & Shackles for Sheriff, with $10.00 P.O. order and sent O. B. Adams. Transcript to him.
July 12. Temple until 10 A.M. Recording & Roll, Bro Woodward attended S. & Count for me.
Recorded 2 Instruments for Thackrah, and mad Abstract of Stomont Mine for Rosborough & Merritt.  went with Bro McFarlane to see Organ of W. McCullough, he proposed to exchange Organs with me and take May & two children to the Terminus in the bargain.  Called in the Telegraph Office R. C. L. refused to donate any thing for the 24th  said his Bp. said he hoped no one in his Ward would be fool enough to donate any thing towards it.  Attended Choir Practice.  Malinda Farnsworth commenced to live with us.
July 13. Not feeling very well,  Wrote Election Notices, and made out Ticket for Election.
July 14. Attended Meeting Forenoon.  S. R. Wells, D. S. Hendrix, Jas Keate & A. Nelson addressed the Congregation, gave out Notice for Men to repair the Canal  W. F. C. Co.  P.M. attended Meeting.  A. W. Ivins, M. Snow, D. Robbins Chas. Worthen (his first attempt) and D. McAllister, and Prest. McAllister addressed the Meeting.  Attended (p.12) Choir
 St. George, 1878, July                                                                  A. R. Whitehead, p. 12 (20)
practice, went with J. M. Macfarlane to Bro. A. P. Hardys was introduced to Mr Reich of Silver Reef.  (he refered to the Note I hold agains him favor A Fargo & Co. Pioche, said it was outlawed and he would not pay it.)
July 15.  Made out Divorce papers in Heneman Suit delivered to A. P. Hardy, Sheriff, the Summons with Certified Copies of Complaint & Summons. paid Sheriff $5.00 for Fees.
Delivered to J. A. Chesney (so he reported himself) 2 Deeds  Gave. W. McCullough $1350 Cash for Store Checks 1500 Traded Organs with him on the terms stated on the 12th  Recorded 3 Instruments for Geo Thackrah & made Abstract of the S. Reef. R. Works.
S. A. Pymm agreed to paint names on Ballot Boxes for $500 Co. Scrip. Paid Annie M. Romney $2000 Terr. Warrants on School Teaching, out of my own means, to be refunded to me from the School Trustees.  (M. P. R. received the Warrants.)  Wrote Letter to Z. Derrick for C. Jacksons Leg and enclosed $3000 promising to pay the other 30 in 60 days sent it with Mary.
July 16.  Assisted Mary to Pack up, went to the Temple Called at Font. returned and loaded up Marys luggage.  Malinda Farnsworth could not stay with us.  Esther Morris came to keep house for us.  2 P.M.  Went in Company with George Brooks, got his Team & the Buggy of W. L. & Judd took Mary to Washington took Tea with Sisters McReavy & Turner drove over to little Cottonwood where W. McCullough was camping, bid Mary and the two little ones Erastus & Mary good bye.  returned home at 11-30 P.M. W. McCullough said he would trade Organs and I could get it any time. St. George, 1878, July                                                                        A. R. Whitehead, p. 13 (21)
July 17.  Arose at 5 A.M.  Recorded Transcript of Docket before break- fast.
At the Temple.  Recording S. & Count. (p.13)  Made copy of Lease for C. A. Connelly, heard that Jos Birch shot Geo C. Boyd and killed him.  bargained with T. J. Jones to sell him Lot in Washington to be paid for Jan 1, 1879  $150.  Factory or $200.  Canaan.
Rd Bentley came in from the Mine, said Hinman stopped work at the Mine on the 15th inst.
July 18.  Temple, Recording. S & Count.  Worked at Registration Lists and Recorded 2 Deeds.
July 19.  Temple.  Recording S & Count.  Worked at Registration Lists and Recording.  send card to Mary at Beaver
July 20.  Recorded 2 Deeds before breakfast.  Recorded 2 after finished Registration lists all except St George.  Judge Snow came down.  J. G. Bleak filed petition for Letters of Guardianship for L. B. Young.  Made Petition for Boyd Estate and issued Notices, to be heard August 1, 1878.
Sent for 3 D. L. Machines and  goods to Z. C. M. I. wrote and told Anna Nielsen if she would bring back the Machine immediately I would pay her Money back.  Gave W. Snow Bill of Lumber wanting for House, agreed to pay him half Factory half Canaan for it.  exchanged Canaan with E. W. Snow for $5200 Cash at 60% discount.
July 21.  Wrote several letters before Breakfast, Sent Mary a Postal Card to Fillmore, and one to her Mother  Went to See Bro Cox at 8 A.M. on School Matters attended Meeting at 11 A.M.  H. Eyring & M. P. Romney addressed the meeting.  took dinner with Bro Branch made arrangements with St. George, 1878, July A. R. Whitehead, p. 14 (22)
him to Board Miss Cook.  Attended Meeting at 2 P.M.  Charles Smith & Wm Burt addressed the Meeting.  Attended Choir practice  heard from Mary at Cove Creek  all well  information received from Jos Bentley. received letters from Joseph Goddard with Likenesses of himself and two little ones.  went home took Supper and retired to rest (a lonesome long day)  (p.14)
July 22.  Arose at 4-30  Recorded 2 Instruments before Breakfast, finished One Registration List for St G.  Executed Deed to Both.  bought and paid for 400 ft finishing Lumber from Booth, piled at his house. Wrote Letter for R. Bentley to Geo Y. Wallace relating to Bullion shipped to him.
Indicated Letter to the Bishops on School Matters soliciting pupils to attend Miss Cooks School.
July 23.  Temple, 8 A.M.  no Baptisms owing to so few there.  Recorded Deed for J Birch before breakfast.  Bro A McNiell, arrested for Assault on Conger and for Stealing water, came and engaged me to assist him in the matter, thought we had a good case as in our opinion there was nothing proved in the stealing part, but the Assault was proved.  Fined $10.00 & 2500 and Costs amounted to over $7000, we made no arrangements about my Fees, I worked hard for him all day charged him $600 but have not got it yet  attended Choir practice, received Card from Mary from Beaver, all well.
July 24.  Recorded 4 Instruments before Breakfast.  attended Celebration, sung Hail Natal Morn, took dinner with A. P. Hardy, attended the Dance in the evening.  assisted manage the floor.  E. D. Woolley dismissed St. George, 1878, July            A. R. Whitehead, p. 15 (23)
the party one hour before the time appointed no reason given, but that he was one of the committee.  never consulted me when I was managing the floor as Bro Macfarlane had retired.  I spoke of it not being his right and considerable words ensued but no hard names or indecent language used.
July 25.  Temple until 12 M. Peter.  Baptisms were attended to before Endowments.
Sold P. Nielsen Sewing Machine. $47.50 not (p.15) paid, promised to send it over.  Made Abstract for T. R. Jones, S. L. City, sent C. O. D. $3.00 heard E. D. Woolley was going to get out papers for me, as Breach of the Peace &c.
July 26.  Recorded Transcript before Breakfast.  At Temple Recording. Roll. & Peter.  Started letter to Mary received Telegram from J. F. Chi ester in relation to Butcher Shop.  finished St George Registration list.  Alma Young came in about the Estate of his father, said he had took care of his Mother and did not intend the rest of the children should get away with any of the property as they would not help to take care of her.  Received Card from Mary dated 22nd at Fillmore also letter for her from her Mother, received circulars to Voters from J. Sharp Chairman Center Committee.  35 at Temple.
July 27.  Wrote to Mary, finishing her letter and mailed it before breakfast, also sent copies of circulars to each of the Precincts. Temple, Recording, Roll & Peter 29 E. Goods came in, unloaded and unpacked the.  made up Amy's a/c.
July 28.  In Company with M. P. Romney, E. W. Snow and Moronic Snow went St. George, 1878, July & August            A. R. Whitehead, p. 16 (24)
to Santa Clara, attended Sunday School and Meeting, talked both times. returned home at 7 P.M.
July 29.  Worked on County Books, all day.  Wrote to Waldron & Rothschild enclosed Note of W. T. Rich with statement that he would not pay it on account of it being outlawed.  Went to Washington with A. P. Hardy. returned about 9 P.M.
July 30.  Temple, no Baptisms, adjourned till 7 A.M. tomorrow  Recorded Deed for Marker, Made Certified Copy & Abstract for H. S. Lubbock. Worked on my Store Books, paid E. W. Snow $3000 in Silver on Freight, talked with him in relation to entering into Partnership.
July 31.  Temple.  Recording, Roll & Peter.  Recorded Deed (p.16) made Abstract for J. F. Allen S. L. City sent it to Mary with Bill to collect $200.  Wrote to Mary, Sold Emmett Machine for $100.  Canaan, Sent 384 to Livington for Needles, Springs &c.  Worked on Store Book received Letter & certificates of Stock in G. G. M. Co. to be transferred to J. B. Vanhagan from B. H. Paddock dated Silver Reef  June 25th.
August 1.  Went to Office before breakfast, answered Mr. Vanhagans letter. stated the Paddocks Stock was levied on by the Sheriff and I could not issue new certificates until the right of property was decided.  Recorded Deed Temple Recorded.  Roll & P. through by 11-20 put through second Company.  5 list 42 sec.  P. Roll V. & Witness.  Ellen Vanorden Married L. Harper.  arrived at Office 2-30 P.M.  Received Telegram from H.S. Lubbock, made him Copy of By Laws of Harrisburg M. D  sent Deed of Hardy to McGrady to Rosborough & Merritt.  gave Bill $500 against Hinman for Salt to Mr. Burgess let O. Foster have $10000 Canaan for St. George, 1878, August  A. R. Whitehead, p. 17 (25)
C. F. Foster, to be paid for $4000 Cash in 10 days
August 2.  Temple, Recording.  Roll. & P. two companies 1st 50. 2nd 46.  arrived at Office at 2-30 P.M.  Wrote to Miss Cook, offered to accept of her proposition to teach school, would pay at least 1/2 Cash and the balance in the Products of the Country at Cash rates, or would pay all Cash if she would give us time.  Quite Sick with cold on my lungs, went to Choir practise was none
August 3.  Received letter from Mary.  Recorded 2 Deeds and made Certificate of B. H. P. as Justice, sent out Bill for Goods, sent Check to Z. C. M. I. for Bill of July 9th  Sent to Snell for 1200 lbs of Salt. Wrote to Mary, felt a little better but Lungs still sore. (p. 17)
August 4.  Attended Meeting twice.  T. S. Terry & D. H. Cannon preached in the forenoon.  J. M. Macfarlane, A. B. Dunford and Bro Allred in the afternoon, sent P. Card to Mary
August 5.  Election day.  Recorded Deed, made Abstract of Dixie Mine for E. A. Wall and worked on Tax List  sent $2125 to G. T. Wallace for Freight.  sold Machine to R. Allen.  who paid $2500 down and Note for 30.00
August 6.  Recorded 2 Deeds  George Recorded 1.  Worked on Tax list and delivered it to E. W. Snow. Lungs quite sore.
August 7.  Temple until 10-30.  Recording.  Roll, Sword & Count.  46 present also ordaining.  Investigation held by Prest J. D. T. McAllister in relation to Bp. D. H. C. being intoxicated on Election  H. Eyring, W. Fawcett, D. H. C. and myself present.  Decided he should made a Public confession on Sunday.  Recorded 1 Deed.  Lungs felt much better. St. George, 1878, August                                                             A. R. Whitehead, p. 18 (26)
Executed Deed for S. P. Marker, and sent to him by Mail.
August 8.  Recorded 2 Deeds before Breakfast.  Recorded 4 Instruments attended Probate Court.  settled up Slade Estate.  Received Letter from Mary.  Answered it after supper enclosed Check for $1250 to pay Jos Lyon $10.00
August 9.  Worked in Office at Abstract of Election before Breakfast Recorded 1 Instrument.  attended Probate Court, in the Matter of the Estate of S. I. Burgess.  D. B. Barney promised to turn to my Credit at Tithing of 3500.  Wrote Statement to Executors of B. Young in relation to my a/c sent it by Dolphy to Bro Bleak.  Goods arrived from S. L. City.  2 Machines & Goods from the East also recd by Watch.  Issued Certificates of Election to Precinct Officers.
August 10.  Marked Goods before Breakfast.  Recorded Release of Mort- gage.  attended Probate Court.  worked in Office all day.
August 11.  Started for Sunday School.  Met with Capt Lubbock who introduced me to his Brother, (p. 18)  Wm. H. and John Elam of California, had an interesting interview with them.  Attended Meeting (P.M. Bro Findlay of Panacca preached.)  D. H. Cannon made confession and was forgiven.
P.M.  Thos. Judd, L. Brown & Robert Gardner preached M. P. Romney occupied the forenoon on first principles  Was called after Meeting by Bro Sullivans son and W. E. Cowley to go home and found there George A. Laub and a crowd.  Laub had gone in my store and stolen $2300 Cash $2700 Canaan $7.00 Factory.  1 Pistol, 100 Cartridges, 4 Rings & 1 Portmonie.  I proved the property and placed the boy (he being 13 years St. George, 1878, August           A. R. Whitehead, p. 19 (27)
old) in the hands of A. P. Hardy, Sheriff  Went up to see Bro I. Cox, spent an hour there.
August 12.  In Company with Judge Snow & A. Nelson, went to Washington to sell vacant land.  A Nelson & myself bought 40 Acre & 12 City Lots on the North East of Town for $6500, returned home at 11 P.M.
August 13.  Recorded 4 Deeds, & made up Judge Snows a/cs. &c  Laub tried and fined $2500 & Costs.
August 14.  Recorded 1 Deed before breakfast.  Temple.  Recording Sword & Count & Roll.  returned to office at 10 A.M.  Recorded 1 Deed, made Cert. Copy for Bodley, sent Abstract of Election to Secretary.  Sent $1500 by W. F. & Co to Des. News to pay Bill for Blanks, Wrote t Sterling & R. F. Goold.  issued Certificates of Election to Co Officers tooks Supper with Judge Macfarlane spent an enjoyable evening, singing &c.  Thos & Jos Judd being present.
August 15.  Worked in Office until Breakfast.  Temple.  A.M.  Recorded. Roll, S. & Count.  Recorded 3 Instruments.  worked at Bonds &c.  Received Letter from Mary.
August 16.  Temple A.M. Recorded, Roll, S & Count, sent Certificate of Election to Pinto. Letters to Hebron & Hamblin  Receipt to J. R. Wilkins, Beaver, Card to Spillsbury and Wrote to Mary.  Sent two Notes, Taylor & Slaughter (p. 19) to J. W. Corey.  Singer Mfg Co. also $10000 Check  Woolley Lund & Judd, to pay for Machines, leaving 3 D. S. Machines unpaid less $400 overpaid on others.
August 17.  Amended Abstract for Whedon & Potter, worked in Office all day.  attended Meeting of School Trustees at 4 P.M. St. George, 1878, August                                              A. R. Whitehead, p. 20 (28)
August 18.  Attended Meeting Forenoon & afternoon.
August 19.  Worked in Office, sent Tax Returns to Wm Clayton, sent for Commissions to the Secretary.  Wrote to Miss Cook and to Mary.  sent enclosed in her letter Bill of Goods Check to Z. C. M. I. and $20.00 for her expenses &c home.  Sent $350 worth of Blanks to R. F. Goold by M. Cooper.  Attended surprise party in the evening at A. P. Winsors it being his 60th Birthday.
August 20.  Arose late, did not feel well.  Started E. Cragus to the Terminus for Mary & Miss Cook.  Made out Bill to send to Livington for Goods.  $100.  P.O. order sent to him.  Made Deed & Recorded for Mrs. M. E. Snow.  bought Knitting Machine from her.  paid $10.00 Cash balance $20.00 Factory to be paid to Mrs Tye.
August 21.  Temple A.M. Rec'g Roll, Peter, P.M. same.  Office 3 P.M. Made cert Copy & Recorded 3 Deeds.
August 22.  Temple A.M. Rec'g Roll & P. Same.  Office, Recorded 2 Deeds.  Made Abstract & sent to A. G. Hunter  Received Letter from Mary. & answered it.  Was appointed by Prest. McAllister to take charge of the Mutuals & Sunday Schools.  M. P. Romney having resigned on account of his getting into a Row with Jos. Judd the night before, saw his Letter to Pres. Mc. offering his resignation.
August 23.  Temple. A.M.  Roll, Rec'g & Peter.  Held H in 2d A. & Witness. P.M.  Rec'd & Peter.  Received Knitter from Mrs. M. S. Snow.  Office at 4 P.M.  worked on my Private Books.  Knit 1 pr Socks in evening. (p. 20)
August 24.  Knit 2 pr Socks before Breakfast.  Recorded 2 Deeds & Satisfaction of Mortgage.  Made certified Copy of Declaration for Bro St. George, 1878, August                             A. R. Whitehead, p. 21 (29)
Jeffery & papers for Home stead.  sent P of Attorny to Switzerland for Staheli.
August 25.  Recorded 2 Deeds & Made abstract.  A.M.  Meeting. H. W. Miller made confession for getting to much wine on Election day, was unanimously forgiven except for Solon Foster Sen. Jos Judd made confession for Beating M. P. Romney, was unanimously forgiven  Letter was read from M. P. Romney to the People  showed very contrite spirit being full of grief and sorrow for what he had done, was willing to resign if the Priesthood thought it best, a vote was taken to forgive him but did not take well, the People signified that they would like him to be present himself, Prest McAllister spoke a few words, showing that other faults were as bad as getting drunk, named neglect of duty in non attendance at meeting as being as bad.
            Went to dinner with Bro Solon Foster.  Attended meeting in the afternoon.  Bro Gates asked the privilege of talking, talked on general principles refered principally to Bro Romney, said he did not like to see such things covered up, he (Romney) had been borne with too long, said it seemed strange we could not have sober Bishops Prest said he did not know but he was too rough.  Prest McAllister said yes, he thought Bro Gates might have consulted them (the Prest of the Stake) before talking on the matter in that way.  he seemed terribly annoyed. Called on Bro Eyring to talk when Bro Gates was through.
Bro Eyring, said there was men in St. George who drank every day and could pack a gallon and not show it, that the one (p. 21) that gave drink to the one that got drunk was worse than he, that got drunk, St. George, 1878, August            A. R. Whitehead, p. 22 (30)
said Bro Romneys positions in the Priesthood were not up for consideration there, that he thought Bro R. was sincere in his repentance &c. Prest McA.  said he sanctioned all that had been said but thought it was untimely, that he (Bro Gates) should have waited until Bro R. was present.
After meeting quite a caucus gathered together and talked over the matter.  Bro J.M. Macfarlane said he was perfectly willing to forgive Bro R. but he did not believe in covering such things up, and said that the matter had been misrepresented to the people.
Bro Eyring wished to know, "How"
Bro M. said he, Bro E. had misrepresented it by comparing Bro R. with a man that had had drink given to him, when it was the contrary with Bro R. as he persistently refuses to drink with any one, but deliberately takes his bottle to himself, gets drunk and trys to take the life of his Brethren.  considerable was said by all parties.  Bro Eyring stated that he did not mean it in that way.  (but he certainly led the people to think that some one had given drink to Bro R. as stated by Bro J. M. Mac.)
August 26.  Worked for Ladies Coop. taking Stock.  Recorded 2 Inst.s after supper, retired at 11 O’clock
August 27.  Arose at 5 A.M. Made out Divorce papers for B. N. Paddock and placed Summons &c in the hands of Sheriff Hardy.  Worked 3/4 day taking Stock.  Recorded Lien, made up my journal gave E. W. S. $24.75 order on Factory.
August 28.  Worked at Temple, Recording, Roll & John Peter.  Recorded St. George, 1878, August - September            A. R. Whitehead, p. 23 (31)
One Deed. (p. 22)
August 29.  Temple. Recording, Roll & John Peter  Recorded Notice for Mr Lubbock.
August 30.  Recorded on Instrument.  worked in Office all day
August 31.  Engaged Clarence to attend Temple, Recording, Roll & Peter Worked in Office all P.M.
September 1.  Attended Meeting all day
September 2.  Worked in Office all day  County Court
September 3.  Temple Recording and confirming in Office P.M.
September 4.  Recorded in Temple.  Roll & James.  Recorded 4 Instruments.
September 5.  Temple Recording.  Roll & James.  worked in Office P.M.
September 6.  Recorded 4 Instruments
September 7.  Clarence Kept Office for me, went out with Bro I Cox and the boys to meet Mrs W. & Miss Cook, met them at Grave Vine.  was very sick with the headache.  arrived home at 9 P.M.
September 8.  Attended Meeting all day
September 9.  Recorded 5 Instruments.  Probate Court
September 10.  Temple.  Recording & at Font.  worked in Ladies Coop Books.
September 11.  Temple Recording, Roll, Sword & Count.  Worked at Ladies Coop Books.
September 12.  Temple, Recording, received Endowments for 2.  Recorded one Deed
September 13.  Temple.  Recording, Roll, Sword & Count.  Recorded 1 Deed St. George, 1878, September        A. R. Whitehead, p. 24 (32)
September 14.  Conference.  held Sunday School Meeting in evening
September 15.  Conference, all day.
September 16.  (E. Morris.) (in parenthesis before the date)  Attending to School business all day.  E Morris commenced work at $3.00 per week.
September 17.  Attending School business.  made out Divorce papers for Bigelow.  Wrote to Probate Clerk of Manti Co.  sent $2.50 to Clayton for Bleak Brands.  answered M. D. Fullers Letter paid Thompson $3000 to be returned or applied on Note.
September 18.  Made 3 Cert. Copies.  Recorded 1 Instrument.  had meeting of Dance Committee.
September 19.  Recording in Office all day.
September 20.  Went with County Court Members to examine (p. 23)  Roads to Grape Vine Springs.  held Meeting at Leeds in the evening.  Bros Macfarlane, Woolley, Bentley, Miller Jones and myself occupied the time.
September 21.  Visited Silver Reef, and returned home, attended Party in the Court House in the Evening.  Miss Cook and Mary accompanying me.
September 22.  Attended Meeting at 11 A.M. & 2 P.M. called up to Preach. spoke of the coming Election.  gave out a Notice for a Primary Meeting to be held Monday Sept 30 to choose Delegates to Territorial Convention in Salt Lake City
September 23.  Made 8 Abstracts and Recorded 2 Deeds.
September 24.  Recorded 2 Deeds, Made 3 Certified Copies & 1 Abstract
September 25.  Made Cert Copy.  Recorded 4 Deeds. St. George, 1878, September & October     A. R. Whitehead, p. 25 (33)
September 26.  Recorded 5 Instruments.  James Pearson started with Jerry Sloan and Tuttle Horse Thieves for Pioche.
September 27.  Made copy of Deed, and finished work for A. S. Potter report came in that Sloan & Tuttle were both Killed.  send $125.  CK to Z. C. M. I. and ordered Goods.
September 28.  Recorded one Deed.  sent for Commissions for Justices & Constables.  searched Records for Greenbaum Bro Greenhalgh came over and reported that J. Stayner (J. Stayner) had commenced to live in my house at Washington  I promised Stayner that he could use the whole of the House except the West Room.  for $8.00 per month, or the front 4 Rooms for $6.00 per Month having already rented the West Room for $3.00 (Schiess) per Month to Bro Schiess
Paid Greenhalgh for hauling some Linsey to Snell last April and paid him 3 1/2 lb Nails he said he used on my fence.  Sent to Bancroft for Abstracts.
September 29.  Attended Meeting, Forenoon, occupied by Jacob Gates. Afternoon by Prest J. W. Young upon the principal of faith delivered Machine to R. Fuller, for Order on Canaan for $12250
September 30.  Worked in Office.  Recorded 2 Deeds & Water Agreement of Santa Clara.  Attended Dance in Court House in the Evening.
October 1.  Worked in Office  Sent $9.00 to Clayton for 3 Statutes. Received certificate of appointment as a Delegate to County Convention. Send Bill to Whedon and Potter (p. 24)
October 2.  Attended County Convention.  appointed Secretary of the same. J. G. Bleak and H. Eyring elected Delegates to Territorial Convention. J. M. Macfarlane nominated as Surveyor and E. G. Woolley Pros Attorney St. George, 1878, October                                                                  A. R. Whitehead, p. 26 (34)
Recorded 2 Deeds for Mr. Rice.
October 3.  Took 4 acknowledgements, Recorded 3 Deeds, sent $3500 to Derrick of Salt Lake to pay balance on C. Jacksons leg.  J. Stayner came and said he had taken my House to rent, reported it and the fence in a bad condition.  Knit 3 pr Socks for Dolphy.
October 4.  Worked at County Books all day.  S. A. Pymm worked for me.
October 5.  Probate Court all day cases of Harenbey vs Harenbey & Paddock vs Paddock heard in Divorce  Recorded 1 Agreement.
October 6.  Atended 4th Ward Sabbath School very much interested in Miss M. E. Cooks Class of Primaries  Meeting in the forenoon addressed by J. E. Pace Wm Carter and E. G. Woolley also T. J. Jones Afternoon by Junius F. Wells and Milton Hardy on subject of Mutual Improvement  At ended Meeting of Officers of Young Mens and Young Womens Mutual Imp. Assns.  addressed by Junius F. Wells, on the Order of Exercises
October 7.  Worked in Office, making Decrees of Probate Court and Recorded 1 Lien  Seth A Pymm worked for me yesterday Saturday and today.
October 8.  Worked in Office all day, at my Books &c.  attended Y. M. M. I. Assn of the 3rd Ward reorganized them in connection with Prest. M. P. Romney.  J. M. Moody Jr. being Elected Prest.
October 9.  Worked in Office all day.  attended the 4th Ward Mutual in the Evening in company with M. P. Romney & E. W. Snow  A. W. Ivins Elected Prest.  J. C. Bentley & Moroni Snow Councelors
October 10.  Worked in Office all day.
October 11.  Worked in Office all day attended Choir Practice it being St. George, 1878, October            A. R. Whitehead, p. 27 (35)
Judge J. M. Macfarlanes birthday, spent an enjoyable evening at his house.
October 12.  Went to Camp Lorenzo.  My wife and Miss Cook accompanying me.  was kindly entertained by Bro & Sister (p. 25) Hunsaker.  returned home at 8 P.M.
October 13.  Attended 2nd Ward S. School.  Meeting at 2 P.M.  addressed by M. Andrus, S. Miles and J Gates.  4th Ward Meeting in the evening. time occupied by J. M. Macfarlane & myself.
October 14.  Recording all day.  Settled up with Snow Bros. and paid E. W. Snow $29.71 for J. M. Macfarlane attended Meeting of the 2nd Ward Mutual only 4 Boys present and Bp Granger, & Councel & M. P. Romney, adjournd subject to call.
October 15.  Worked in Office all day at Election Notices & Recording visited Santa Clara Mutual in the evening.  with M. P. Romney & S. R. Wells.  14 Young Men present.  Bro Witwer Prest.  evening very cool returned home at 10-25.  P.M.
October 16.  Worked in Office all day  Recording & Abstracting, spent off all the Election Notices.  attended Bible Class at home in the evening.  Present Isaiah Cox, Miss Cook, & my wife
October 17.  Worked in Office all day.  attended Lecture given by Mrs. Hewling on Intemperance.
October 18.  Worked in Office Abstracting, sent to Bancroft for Abstracts. sent $1.00 to W Clayton for Bastian, sent for Brand Sheets.  Managed Dance for Base Ball Club in the Evening.
October 19.  Worked in Office Abstracting Records all day. St. George, 1878, October A. R. Whitehead, p. 28 (36)
October 20.  Wrote Letters for Mary to Y. L. M. I. Assns of Pine Valley Pinto, Hebron & Panacca.  Wrote to my Mother and to Mr Crouch of Silver Reef giving him the names of County Officers.  attended Meeting in the afternoon.  D. D. McArthur a returned Missionary and H. Eyring addressed the Meeting.
October 21.  Worked in the Office all day, made certified copies for C. D. Bradley of Transfers of the Thompson & McNally Mines.
October 22.  Wrote to Wm McAllister at Kanab  offered 12 1/2 cash or 154 Storepay for Pine Nuts also to Susan You(n)g (Copy of Letter.)  Miss Susan Young.  Dear Madam.  Isaac Hunt and David Rogers both of this City having each filed a Lien on your Property here to secure debts claimed to be due for building the House thereon, and the time drawing fast to a close when the Liens will run out, consequently they have placed the matter in my hands to collect.  (p. 26)  The accounts are really against Alma B. Dunford but the property is held for them.  If you are disposed to pay them and free the property, without suit please inform me, if not suit will be commenced against Dunford and the Property will probably be sold to pay the debts, as Dunford will not pay them. Isaac Hunt's claim is $293.65 and David Rogers $92.36 and interest.  By advising me at as early a date as possible of your intentions relating this matter, you will greatly oblige.  Respectifully &c  A. R. Whitehead.
October 23.  Recorded one Deed and worked at my Books Read the Bible in the Evening.
October 24.  Worked at the Jackson Estate all day.  Spent an interesting evening reading Book of Mormon subject of the 2nd Book of Nephi, Christs St. George, 1878, October & November A. R. Whitehead, p. 29 (37)
appearing to the Nephites &c
October 25.  Recorded One Deed for C. Smith, worked in Office
October 26.  Worked in Office on Books & Recording
October 27.  Attended Sunday School 1st Ward and Meeting
October 28.  Went to Pine Valley on Calkin Mill business
October 30.  Returned home.  (held Meeting in Pine Valley 29th)
October 31.  Recording all day
November 1.  Recording all day.
November 2.  Worked in Office and attended Canaan Meeting
November 3.  Meeting of School Trustees, made Report to Supt.  attended Meeting in Tabernacle
November 4.  Worked in Office
November 5.  Worked in Temple.  Recording at Fong & confirming attended joint meeting of Y.M. & Y.L.M.I. Assn. in the evening, worked in Office until 11 P.M.
November 6.  At Temple, Record'g & Roll.  Recording in Office
November 7.  At Temple, Record'g & Roll.  Recording in Office P.M.
November 8.  At Temple, Prayer, Record'g & Roll.  Recording in Office
November 9.  In Office all day Recorded 3 Deeds.  wrote to J. Goddard J. W. Snell, W. J. Jolley.  Rural New Yorker, J. Tower and J. P. Bush sent $20.00 to pay Freight.
November 10.  Attended meeting of School Trustees, Attended Meeting in the Tabernacle at 1 P.M.  Meeting addressed by Prest E Snow on his travels across the Colorado (p. 27)  Attended Ward Meeting in the evening. Meeting addressed by Jos Birch and Bro Woods. St. George, 1878, November        A. R. Whitehead, p. 30 (38)
November 11.  Worked in Office all day.
November 12.  At Temple Recording & calling at Font. in the Forenoon in the Office in the Afternoon.  Mutual of 2nd Ward in evening
November 13.  At Temple Recording.  Roll & John.  In Office P.M.
November 14.  A. M. At Temple Recording.  Roll & John.  In Office P.M.
November 15.  A. M. At Temple Recording.  Roll & John.  In Office P.M. Sent to Z. C. M. I. for Goods, sent $200.  Bough Machine from Snow and  paid him for it.  Webb run of Lime for me
November 16.  Worked in Office all day.  Visited at Bro I Cox's evening
November 17.  Saw S. Cunningham, agreed to give him $2500 Canaan for 140 Gals of Cider, or sell it for him for 15%.
Attended Meeting at 1 P.M.  Llewellyn Harris preached also J. Gates. finished reading the history of Jos. Smith.
November 18.  Worked in the Office, Recording, Wrote to Mrs Pectol in relation to Note held for me. St. George, 1879, January & February                                                                       A. R. Whitehead, p. 31 (39)
January 25.  Sent by Wells Fargo Express to D. O. Calder $13930 in checks as follows. No 1460 W. F. & Co. S. L. City. from Woolley Lund & Judd to Jos. T. Wilkinson, dated Dec. 16, 78, for $75.00 No 12205 W. F. & Co. S. L. City from John H Rice to Ed Cutts dated Dec 23, 1878 Leeds for $6000 No 13430 W. F. & Co S. L. City from John H. Rice to A R Whitehead dated Jan 4, 1879 Leeds for $5030 No 3561 W. F. & Co  S. L. C. from Campbell Cullen & Co to S. F. Colt dated Frisco Beaver County Utah Nov 25 1878, for $10.00 Also my Notes for $20410 each at 60 & 90 days from Feb 1, 1879 with interest 1 1/2 per cent per No.  asking him to return my old notes. Sent for 1 Mason & Hamblin on 4 Mos. & One Clough & Warren No 43. on 6 Months time.  See Letter.
November 26.  Sent $10000 to Livington P. O. Order.
November 27.  Settled up and paid my Tithing for 1878.  amount $10000 & 170 days work in the Temple (p. 28)
February 2.  In Company with M. P. Romney I went to Price City, visited the Sabbath School and Meeting and organized a Mutual Imp. Association
February 3.  Sent to Z. C. M. I. Check.  Woolley Lund & Judd to Z. C. M. Ins. on a/c of Bill of Jan 4, 1879.  amounting to $20368/100
February 15.  John Lazaar agreed to take my House the East Room, 2 Rooms up Stairs, Kitchen and cellar with use of the Lots, reserving room on the Lots for Corrall &c for Tenant to other part of the House, for $6.00 pr Month payable in Factory Pay or Trade of the Country, for one year St. George, 1879, March, April & May A. R. Whitehead, p. 32 (40)
commencing Monday Feb 17/79  Witness Geo. A. Burgon.  John  his mark X Lazaar
March 7.  Sent Checks No 13070.  Leeds Utah Mch 6, 1879 to McCormick & Company (on Wells Fargo Blank) payable to myself & endorsed $16.25 sig.  John H. Rice & No 14217 same as above Feb. 6. payable to Victor Coschina endorsed, also endorsed by myself for $2000  Signed as above. to Utah Forwarding Co
March 29.  Sent Checks No 1444 Silver Reef Utah Mch 13/79 to Walker Bros. Marcus Lunk $23.90 Jacobs & Sulton No 2334 Leeds Utah Mch 17/79 John H. Rice Cashier A R Co. 4325 H. S. Lubbock Supt. No 229 Silver Reef Utah Feb 13/79  McCormick & Co. Bankers  I Carl $2500 Siegel & Marks No 13558 Leeds Utah Jan 10/79 Wells Fargo & Co John Gerrans $4500.  John H Rice Cashier.  to Singer Mngf Co. S. L. City.
April 5.  Sent application for Job. License to O. J. Hollister S. L. City with Check No. 1615.  St. George Mch 7/79 Wells Fargo & Co. S. L. City payable to Beaver.  $5.00 Sig Woolley Lund & Judd endorsed to O J Hollister by myself. (ARW.)
Wrote to S. Y. Dunford concerning Hunt & Rogers a/c (p. 29)
April 7.  Sent Check Woolley Lund & Judd to Z. C. M. I. for $20000 also $10000 to D. O. Calder.
April 8.  Wrote to Bro Sundberg giving him the privilege of using the Lot in Washington and the use of Two West Rooms for $500 per Month also authorizing him to rent the balance of the house for $500 per Month if he could offered to sell to him for $1200.00 Cash.
April 15.  Sent P. O. Order $5.00 to Livington Chicago
May 1.  Sold my House and Lo[s]ts connected therewith in Washington for St. George, 1879, May          A. R. Whitehead, p. 33 (41)
$2000.  took Jos. Judds Note for $1000.  and received 2 3/4 acres of Land at Lonaquin, $330.00, 1 Organ $300, Cap Stock in St. George Coop $3280, Canaan $33.60  Stock in Cottonwood Water Co $14800, McCulloughs Note $95.00 & 1 Pistol $10.80.  placed Deed in Escrow with Woolley Lund & Judd
May 3.  W. B. Pace took Organ at the Monthly rental of $300 Cash in advance  Sent Letters of Administration to T. Diamond Telegraphed to J. W. Snell for 1 Ton Salt
May 9.  Paid Wm Defriez $11.50 for attending Branch plastering in full.
May 12.  Bought Farm of Jos. Judd in Long Valley which is rented to John Schmutz for three years at 65 bu Grain and 50 bu. Potatoes per year. paid him his Note for $1000. and $100. on the Organ for it.
May 14.  Sent for Goods to be delivered to McCullough at York on the 19th.  worked in the Temple.  Recorded. & took part of Peter May 15.  Worked in Temple.  Recorded.  Anointed and Peter
May 16.  Worked in Temple.  Recorded.  Anointed and Peter  Mrs McReavey said her husband had bought my (p. 30) Lot in Washington, that I bargained to John Lazaar and had placed $50.  to my credit at the Factory and was to pay $150. more between now and Jan 1, 1880.
May 17.  Recording in Office all day.
May 18.  Attended Meeting, Discourses by E. Snow & Jno Steele
May 19.  In Office Recording all day.  offered my Lot in Washington to E. M. Steers for $200.  half Cash half Factory Pay. George my Son commenced work as an app(r)entice to M. P. Romney, Carpenter, for 75 cents per day for the first year, $100 2nd & $1.50 3rd. St. George, 1879, May                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 34 (42)
May 20.  Temple.  Confirmed and Recorded.  In Office P.M. drew papers for Mrs Whitmore & N. B. Neilsen, he to pay me in T. O.
May 21.  Temple.  Recording & Roll call.  Recording in Office
May 22.  Temple.  Recording & Roll call.  Recording in Office
May 23.  Temple Recording  Washed & Roll call.  Recording in Office 5 Deeds.
May 24.  Worked in Office cleaning all day.
May 25.  Attended  high Mass of Father Scanlin, Catholic Service held in the Tabernacle A. M.  and Meeting in the P.M. addressed by E. W. McIntire & Prest E. Snow was visited 24th P.M. by Capt H. S. Lubbock and some 16 other Gentleman & Ladies, Judge Macfarlane and Father Scanlin being present.  had a very Sociable time singing &c.
May 26.  Commenced work in the Office at 4-30 A.M.
May 27.  At Temple, confirming A.M. and Recording in Office P.M.  Sent Check,  Woolley Lund & Judd to Z. C. M. I. $15000 on a/c.
May 28.  Temple, Recording.  and in Office A.M.  Recording Trial of E. K. Fuller for Misdemeanor before Justice R. C. Lunc [Lund?] at 12 M. D. P. Whedon appeared for Fuller, attended Court and took Minutes of Testimony
May 29.  Attended Court at 7 A.M.  fuller fined $25. & costs  Temple at 9 until 10-30.  Worked in Office part of the day, not feeling Well. (p. 31)
May 30.  At Temple until 10-30.  In Office Recording.
May 31.  Worked in the Office all day.  posting my a/cs and making out Bills.  Large Fire at Silver Reef, burning Harrisons House and a number of others also the Northern Mail Burnt up. St. George, 1879, June A. R. Whitehead, p. 35 (43)
June 1.  Borrowed $400. of Lucy Hendrix gave my Note payable in 6 Mos. interest 1 1/4 % per mo  Sent her Bank Book and her order favor D. O. Calder to D. O. Calder in payment of Two of My Notes due him, registered the Book and order to him. Attended meeting in the Afternoon  Addressed by Daniel Seegmiller.
June 2.  Attended Co. Court all day. and Recorded 1 Deed
June 3.  Attended Co. Court all day.
June 4.  At Temple, Recording.  Roll Call.  Peter and Vail  Worked in the Office in the Afternoon.  County Safe arrived
June 5th.  At Temple, same work as yesterday.  Sent citations to all the heirs of Wm Snow.  to appear on the 16th inst.  the day appointed to prove the Will, also sent a copy of the Notice posted to Eli Whipple
June 6th.  At Temple, same as yesterday, in the Office P.M.  Went to Tonaquin Field with D. L. Hendrix
June 7.  Worked in Office all day.  sent Citations to Tax payers. Loaned D. L. Hendrix $40.00 Cash to be paid next Monday or Tuesday. Took no receipt.  Sold him a Singer Machine to be paid for $4252 Cash or $11250 in Canaan. Miss M. E. Cook read to us until 12 Midnight
June 8.  Wrote some Letters in the Morning.  One to my Mother Sent P. O. Order $8.30 to J. F. Stratton New York to pay for Violin Strings sent to R. Bentley.  Attended Meeting.  did not feel well so went home at 3 P.M. and read until 10 O'Clock.
June 9.  Repaired Washing Machine.  Recorded discharge of Mortgage and worked on County [C]Books. (p. 32) E. A. Hendrix returned the $40.00 St. George, 1879, June                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 36 (44)
loaned to his Brother on Saturday.  Attended Choir Practice at 6 P.M>
June 10.  My Birthday Aged 38.  Mary made me a present of a Summer Coat.  Worked at Temple.  Recording and calling at Font  Recorded 4 Instruments.  attended Choir practice and had a few friends at the house in the evening.
June 11.  At Temple.  Recording and Roll call, worked in the Office all day.  Wrote to Jno Harris Glendale and offered five dollars per mo. in Factory pay for 30,000 shingles or less.
June 12.  At Temple.  Recording and Vail.  Endowed for Henry Harrison 3rd Cousin in law.  Took Sewing Machine from Miriam Pectol and rented it to Bro. Sandin of Washington for $2.00 per month in trade with the  privilege of purchasing for $25.00 Cash or $50.00 in Factory.  Recorded 3 Instruments.
June 13.  At Temple.  Recording, received Endowment for John Harrison 3rd Cousin in Law.  Recorded One Deed.  attended Co Court and Choir Practice rented Howe Sewing Machine to W. Lund for one month $2.00 paid for 1st Month
June 14.  Attended Conference, all day.
June 15.  Attended Conference, all day.
June 16.  County Court.  Meeting of Board of G. G. M. Co in the evening. Probate Court in the Afternoon
June 17.  Recording in Office all day.
June 18.  Temple.  Recording.  Roll, Jehoval and vail.  Recorded One Instrument & worked at School a/cs.
June 19.  Temple.  Same as yesterday.  Sent Check, Wells Fargo & Co. St. George, 1879, June      A. R. Whitehead, p. 37 (45)
No 16287 dated Sil Reef  June 6, 1879 payable to H. Stout.  $78.50 signed John H. Rice Cashier  Sent to Calder.  also Sent Checks to Singer Mnfg Co  (dated Apl 17/79 in margin) on Machines a/c Wells Fargo & Co Checks, No 2675 $2500 payable to N. M. Miller signed Hietzelman & Poujade endorsed by N.M. Miller Anne C. Miller & T. C. Poujade No 2884 dated May 20, 1879  $22.00 payable to Bearer (p. 33)  endorsed by N. Sorensen also No. 2672 Sil Reef  June 6, 1879 to A. R. Whitehead signed E. M. Crane  Supt  Leeds Mining Co. endorsed by A. R. Whitehead Amt $4.00.
June 20.  Temple same as yesterday.  Worked in Office
June 21.  Co. Court. & Recording.
June 22.  Attended Sabbath School 4th Ward.  Meeting P.M.
June 23.  Went to Silver Reef with my wife & Miss Cook Barbees Mill Burnt down.
June 24.  Returned home, took sick with Cholera Morbus very sick all night.
June 25.  Quite unwell.  at Temple Recording & Roll call  Sick all day.
June 26.  Quite unwell, at Temple.  Recording & Roll Call In Office P.M.
June 27.  At Temple, Recording & Veil.  Officiated for Wm Harrison. Made 1 Certified Copy of Deed.  Attended Funeral of C. E. Johnsons babe. made some remarks on the occasion.  Attended Choir Practice. June 28.  In Office all day.  settled Taxes for Chirsty Mill & Mnf Co. Deposited with E. W. Snow $19520 Territorial Warrants.
June 29.  Attended Sab. School in 3rd Ward.  Meeting P.M.  addressed by S. L. Adams.  Bro Romney & Wives visited us after Meeting St. George, 1879, June & July                           A. R. Whitehead, p. 38 (46)
June 30.  Worked in Office, Recorded 1 Ins. and Worked on School a/cs. Attended Funeral of the child of B. McIntire addressed the Meeting
July 1.  Worked on School a/cs.
July 2.  Worked on School a/cs.
July 3.  Went by Mail to Leeds as an Arbitrator with D H. Cannon & M. P. Romney to settle difficulty between E. K. Fuller and the People of Harris- burg examined the Boxes and Water courses through Silver Reef and St Louis.  stayed at Leeds
July 4.  Went to Harrisburg and held Court examined Witnesses for the People.  stayed all night at O. B. Adams.
July 5.  Continued Court hearing Fullers evidence (p. 34) came home by Stage in the evening
July 6th.  Attended Sabbath School in the 2nd Ward Meeting P.M. addressed by D. D. McArthur & M. Andrus
July 7th.  Received Freight from Terminus, worked in Office  Mrs. Jos Hansen applied for Divorce, had not the pay, agreed to take half Trade & half cash on my fees.  Sent W. L. & Judds check $20000 to Z. C. M. I. also sent for 500 Election envelopes.
July 8.  Sent $7.00 to Livington for Machine Extras &c  Worked in Office on Arbitration decision
July 9.  Repaired a Sewing Machine, worked in Office lent M.P. Romney $700 Cash Wrote to C. O. Hillstrom & Co.  ordered 3 Organs Style 35 & 40 & 1 Smaller Cheaper one if they would give 6 Mos. time
July 10.  Worked on Election Notices &c all day St. George, 1879, July A. R. Whitehead, p. 39 (47)
July 11.  Recording in Office.  offered to Settle, Julius Sultans taxes at 10% discount.  Sent P. O. Order $1450 to Livington, to settle a/c and to pay for Johnsons Ruffler.  for Weed Machine for Mrs. Calkin
July 12.  Sent $11.80 to Cannon & Young.  S. L. City.  Check No 15920 Sil Reef Utah May 22, 1879 W. F. & Co payable to Bearer.  $10. Sig John H. Rice Cashier endorsed by me to them & 180 Greenbacks. Started at 6 P.M. in Company with my wife[,] Mamie & M. P. Romney and his wife to the Western Settlements.  to visit the Mutual Improvement Associations and Sunday Schools travelled about 22 Miles, to Jefferys arriving there at 2 O Clock A.M. of the 13th
July 13th.  Started at 6 A.M. and travelled through Hamblin stopping at Bro Holts for dinner, went to Hebron, held Meeting and all of us addressed the Congregation.  stayed at Bp Terrys.
July 14th.  Drove to Heb Clover Valley stopped at Bro Lyman Woods. held meeting in the evening Bro Romney & Myself addressed the meeting
July 15.  Went to Panacca stayed with Bp Cyphus
July 16.  held three meetings, with the S. School (p. 35) Female Relief Society & general Meeting in the evening, spoke at each meeting.
July 17.  Went to Eagle Valley, held Meeting in the evening and myself and M. P. R. spoke stayed with Bro Hammond.
July 18.  Drove to Desert Springs, fed Grain and Watered, saw Ben Tasker there, went out about 10 Miles into the Desert and camped
July 19.  Went to Bro Holts, arriving there for Breakfast after dinner drove to Hamblin, examined the School Trustees Books and drove to Pinto stayed with Oscar A Wood S. S. Supt. St. George, 1879, July A. R. Whitehead, p. 40 (48)
July 20.  Attended S. School and addressed the School  Attended Meeting at 4 P.M.  M. P. Romney delivered an excellent discourse on Polygamy spoke a short time to the Young, in relation to the Mutual Imp. Assns
July 21.  Travelled to Pine Valley, took dinner with Harrison Burgess, examined School Trustees Books and started on expecting to stop at C. F. Fosters, but on our arrival, decided to go to Dameron Valley, camped there just at dark
July 22.  Started at 5 A.M. and arrived home at 8-30 cleaned up, went to the Office and made two Abstracts and Recorded one Deed having had an enjoyable time on our trip and returning home feeling well
July 23.  Worked in Office.  Wrote to J. H. Rice J. Wagner, I Fordonski P. Harrison and Geo. Miller offering to pay their Taxes at a discount for Cash of 10%  Wrote to Mrs Averett settled up and paid Builders union the balance due for work on my house.  Sent $1.00 to J. F. Ingalls Lynn Mass. for Albums  $1.00 to C. E. Hires Phil. for Beer Powder, $1.10 to Newark Shirt Co. for 2 Shirts.
July 24.  Attended Celebration of the Entry of Pioneers in S. L. Valley. Recorded 2 Instruments. (p. 36)
July 25.  Recording in Office.  Eyes very sore.  Sent $100 to Kansas City Times.  Sent Deed to A Nebeker of Bountiful Mine
July 26.  Worked in Office A. M. Eyes very sore, attended Board Meeting of W. Field Canal Co. 5 P.M.  Suffered all night with my eyes.
July 27.  Had to keep in my room all day.
July 28.  Could not see to do anything.
July 29.  Eyes still very bad, but done a little in the Office.  Wrote St. George, 1879, July & August         A. R. Whitehead, p. 41 (49)
to Mrs. Barratt.  sent $1.00 for 3. Gal. Batteries  Attended.  Show in the evening
July 30.  Eyes very weak.  Recorded 2 Deeds.  attended Meeting in the Tabernacle at 2 P.M. in relation to Water.  Price City having applied for Assistance from W. F. Canal Co.  Meeting held until 6 P.M.
July 31.  Made out Bills.  Sent Receipt for Fordonski Taxes.  Recorded &c.  Eyes still very painful
August 1st.  Worked in Office Recording &c  Eyes still sore.
August 2nd.  Worked in Office Recording &c  Eyes still sore.  Offered to settle Jacobs and Sultans Taxes 51.00 for 4600 Cash.
August 3.  Attended Meeting.  J. M. Macfarlane & D. H. Cannon addressed the meeting.
August 4.  Worked in the Office.  Sent Checks to Singer Manfg Co.  No 1728. S. Reef  June 26, 1879  W. F. & C. to Wm Stirling or Bearer $25.00 signed Barbee & Vanhagen.  No 17116 S. Reef Utah July 1, 1879 W. F. & Co. to D. P. Whedon $12.00  J. H. Rice per R. T. Gillespie & No 17948 S Reef Utah Aug 2, 1879 W. F. & Co to ARW. $9.00 Sig John H Rice per R. T. Gillespie.  General Election.
August 5.  Canvassed Votes and worked in Office sold D. L. Hendrix $32.80 Cap Stock on St Geo. C. M. I. for Cash.
August 6.  Worked in Office Recording &c Eyes weak.
August 7.  Worked in Office Abstracting &c.  Visited Miss Wells in Company with my wife.  Eyes weak Wrote to Jas Jack in relation to Amt du[r]e Guerado Estate.
August 8.  Worked in Office. all day.  Eyes very weak. (p. 37) St. George, 1879, August A. R. Whitehead, p. 42 (50)
August 9.  Worked in Office until 4 P.M. at 6 P.M. started in Company with A. W. Ivins and M. P. Romney for Pine Valley in the interest of Y. M. M. I. Assn and Sabbath Schools.  travelled until 2 A. M. of the 10th camped below Fosters.
August 10.  Started at 5 A.M.  arriving in Pine Valley at 9-15 took breakfast with Bp. H. Burgess.  attended Sunday School at 10 A.M. very good assembly of both old and young.  I addressed the School.  took dinner with Bro E. Whipple held Meetings in the afternoon and evening. organized a Mutual I. Assn.
August 11th.  Visited the Calkin Mill, and left for Gunlock at 8-30 arrived at Gunlock at 2-30 stayed at Henry Chaffins, held meeting at 4 P.M.  I addressed the Meeting
August 12.  Took Breakfast with Bp. Huntsman and started for home.  arriving at 3 P.M.  took dinner and attended to some business with the Judge.
August 13.  Worked in Office getting out Abstracts of Election sent one to the Secretary and sent Certificates of Election to Officers
August 14.  Recording all day.  Sent $1.30 to Newark Shirt Co. for 3 shirts they owing me 50¢.  received one by Mail  Eyes still quite weak.
August 15.  Recording in Office.  Sent Abstract of Territorial & School Taxes to W. Clayton also 2 Brands to Record.
August 16.  Worked in Office, Sent 2.06 to J. F. Stratton for Musical Toys to come by Reg. Mail.  sent to Livington for Shuttles, screws and Views.  Sent $1.00 to David Cook Chicago for Specimen Books &c
August 17.  Attended Meeting.  H. Eyring and J. Gates addressed the Meeting. St. George, 1879, August           A. R. Whitehead, p. 43 (51)
August 18.  Worked in the Office all day.
August 19.  Worked in the Office all day at Jno Watts Estate
August 20.  Worked in the Office all day.
August 21.  Worked in the Office all day  attended Choir Practice
August 22.  Went to the Temple.  (M. M. E. W. 5-30 A. M.) (p.38)
August 23.  Worked on Estate Matters.  Wrote to H. B. Goodrich Chicago on Machine business sent $100 for Plaiter, (asking his terms to Agents &c)
August 24.  Attended Meeting.  M. Andrus, C. A. Terry and Jacob Gates addressed the Meeting.
August 25.  Worked at Estate Matters, sent Order to J. W. Christian.
August 26.  Worked in Office.  Sent $60.00 to D. O. Calder to wit: S. R. July 23, 1879 J. H. Rice  Check No 17755 on W. F. & Co  S. L. C. for $50.00 payable to Fred Lingvall, endorsed Fred Lingvall and Payable to the order of ARW.  by Kiv Phillips endorsed by me to D. O. Calder. also Woolley Lund & Judd Check No 2034 St. George Utah August 16th 1879 to Bearer for $1000 endorsed by me to D. O. Calder Sent to Z C M. I. $12419 to wit John H Rice, Cashier per T. T. Gillespie No 18215 W. F. & Co S. L. C. dated Sil Reef Aug 11, 1879 $64.50 to James G. Duffin endorsed Jas G. Duffin endorsed by me to H. S. Eldridge.  Woolley Lund & Judd No 2019 dated St G. Aug 13, 1879 to me $26.69 endorsed to H. S. E. J. J. Halpin No 2058.  S. L. Utah Aug 14/79 Bearer $11.00 McCormick & Co. endorsed by me to H. S. E. Woolf Jorden No 2078 Bearer Sil Reef U. Aug 15, 1879 McCormick & Company.  $10.00 endorsed by me to H. S. E. and John H. Rice No 17309 to Bearer.  W. F. & Co Sil Reef July 8, 1879 St. George, 1879, August & September                                                                                     A. R. Whitehead, p. 46 (52)
$12.00 endorsed by me to H. S. E. also inquiring if they would buy wool St Yamn & Woollen Socks
August 27.  Worked in Office all day taking Stock for Ladies Coop.
August 28.  Worked in Office all day taking Stock for Ladies Coop.
August 29.  Worked in Office all day.
August 30.  Worked in Office all day.
August 31.  Attended Meeting.  Prest J. D. T. McAllister addressed the meeting took supper at Bro S. R. Wells.
September 1.  County Court.
September 2.  Temple.  Witnessing & Recording at Font Sent Orders for Goods & 2 S. Machines.
September 3.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  fixed Sewing Machine. Divorce Suit of Butterworth.  Sent Report of C. Court to K. Phillips J. P. (p. 39)
September 4.  At Temple.  Recording. Worked in Office
September 5.  At Temple.  Recording Roll and Prayer.  Worked on A/cs of Ladies Coop.
September 6.  Repaired Sewing Machine for S. Knight.  worked on a/cs Ladies Coop.  M. E. Wells came to live with us.
September 7.  Accompanied M. P. Romney to the 1st Ward Sunday School. I addressed the School, attended Meeting at 2 P.M.  J. W. Crosby, M. F. Farnsworth and R. Bentley addressed the Meeting.
September 8.  Finished Report and attended Board Meeting of the Ladies Coop.
September 9. At Temple.  Recording at Font.  P.M. worked on Ladies St. George, 1879, September         A. R. Whitehead, p. 53 (47)
Books.  attended Stockholders Meeting
September 10.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  Worked in Office.
September 11.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  Worked in Office.
September 12.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  Worked in Office.
September 13.  Attended Stake Conference.
September 14.  Attended Stake Conference.
September 15.  Worked in Office
September 16.  At Temple Recording at Font.  Office P.M.
September 17.  At Temple Recording & Roll.  Office P.M.
September 18.  At Temple Recording & Roll.  Office P.M.
September 19.  At Temple Recording & Roll.  Wrote Newark Shirt Co.
September 20.  In Office.  Sent $75.00 P. O. orders to C. M. Livington for 3 Machines 2 Carriage &c.
September 21.  Attended Sabbath School at Washington in Company with M. P. Romney.  E. W. Snow and J. C. Bentley my wife and Sister A. M. Romney accompanying us.  returned home after School and attended meeting in Tabernacle  Meeting addressed by Jacob Gates and Two Brethren from Arizona.
September 22.  Worked in Office A. M. went to the Washington Field P.M. sold about 2 acres of uncultivated land East of my Lucerne, with Water Shares to T. J. Jones for $60.  to be paid within 1 year.  in Factory pay.
September 23.  At Temple until 12 M.  Calling at Font.  Attended Probate Court. in the evening.  Case of Divorce Hansen vs Hansen.  (p. 40)
September 24.  At Temple.  Rec. Roll. Jahova & Vail  Sold Sew. Machine St. George, 1879, September   A. R. Whitehead, p. 48 (54)
to Findlay of the Clara paid Cash $25.00 leaving $15.00 to pay. unpacked Goods.  worked in Office.  P.M.
September 25.  At Temple.  Rec. Roll.  Jahova & Vail.  Recording at Office P.M.  Wrote J. Birch, agreed to take 300 cigars for Balance of School Bill $13.50  Three Sister Wells, visiting at home Bro. W. came in the evening. Lars Sandin Paid $6.30 rent of S. Machine to date wished to Keep it Nine days more.
September 26.  At Temple.  Rec. Roll.  Yahova & Vail.  In Office Recording P.M.  Sent Check $70.00 to Calder Sil Reef Aug 11th 1879 No 187 on Walker Bros payable to and endorsed by James Barten signed Julius Sultan, endorsed by myself to D. O. Calder.  Ordered Organ for S. R. Wells agreed to let Wells have it for $16000 perhaps $15000  Attended farewell benefit part for Jos C. Bentley on his departure for England  Gave him $1.00 My Wife gave him 2 pr Socks  paid $1.00 Temple Donation for Sanpete Temple
September 27.  Wrote Junius Wells Ed. of the Contributor sent the names of Martin Slack.  Elizth Starr Rose Jarvis, and Ju[l]ie Ivins they having subscribed and paid me. Sent Woolley Lund & Judd Check No 2197 for [sic] $159.80 to Z. C. M. Ins. S.L. City on a/c  Sent Certificates of E. G. Woolley, M Andrus H. A. Chaffin & B. H. Paddock  J. P. for commissions Sent to Singer Co 2 Checks $45.00 W. F. & Co Sign. J. H. Rice per R. T Gillespie No 17048 Sil Reef June 30 1879.  $25.00 Bearer, & No 17724 Sil Reef July 23 1879  $20.00 endorsed by me to Singer Co.  Wrote to St. George, 1879, September & October                                            A. R. Whitehead, p. 49 (55)
Mother  sent her $2.00  Wrote to Bro Goddard also to the Secretary of Cedar Sheep herd.  to P. Harrison.  Thos Greenhalgh and Prs Pectol (p. 41)
September 28.  Attended Meeting in Tabernacle.  J. G. Bleak and J. Gates being the Speakers.  visited at sister Bentleys and took Supper there.
September 29.  Worked in Office and attended Store.  J. Birch & Frank Jennings came to transact business with me in Office.  Wrote to Birch in the evening & offered to buy Jennings Stock of Md'ze in Leeds and pay in G. G. M. Stock at $1.50 per share agreeing to redeem the Stock as fast as the Goods were sold.  if he wished.
September 30.  At Temple.  Calling at Font.  In Office P.M.
October 1.  At Temple Recording, El. & Vail.  In Office P.M.
October 2.  At Temple Recording, El. & Vail.  In Office P.M.
October 3.  At Temple Recording, El. & Vail.  In Office P.M.
October 4.  Recording in Office
October 5.  Attended S. School 3rd Ward in company with E. W. Snow. Meeting in Tabernacle 2 P.M.  W Granger & J. Gates speakers.
October 6.  Worked in Office.
October 7.  At Temple.  Rec at Font till 1 P.M. in Office P.M.
October 8.  At Temple.  Rec & Roll.  In Office P.M.  Witness to Sarah Uries Marriage to D. M. Hunter.
October 9.  At Temple.  Rec & Roll.  In Office P.M.  Settled up with A W Ivins, gave him 400.00 in Canaan Stock for $440.00 Factory C. Stock Paid R. Chandler 7.50 Fac pay to be paid in Brooms no 5 not to be more than 60 a/c St. George, 1879, October                                                                  A. R. Whitehead, p. 50 (56)
October 10.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll. Recording in Office
October 11.  Went to Leeds with M. P. Romney, visited Silver Reef. Attended Meeting of Y. M. M. at Leeds in the evening.  Stayed all night at J. L. Wilkinsons.
October 12.  Attended S. School.  addressed the Children  Attended Meeting P.M. addressed the Meeting
October 13.  Worked in Office.
October 14.  At. Temple Recording at Font.
October 15.  At Temple Recording Roll & Peter.
October 16.  At Temple Recording Roll & Peter.
October 17.  At Temple Recording Roll & Peter.
October 18.  In Office all day.
October 19.  Attended Meeting.  H. Eyring & J Gates Preached (p. 42).
October 20.  In Office all day  Recording &c
October 21.  At Temple Recording at Font.
October 22.  At Temple Rec. & John.  Office P.M
October 23.  At Temple Rec. Roll & John.  Office P.M
October 24.  At Temple Rec. Roll & John.  Office P.M.
October 25.  In Office sent $54. to Singer Mnf Co to pay for 2 Machines No 2516710 & 2533861. in Checks as follows No 17034 Sil Reef  June 30, 1879 Wells Fargo & Co.  S. L. C.  Bearer $20.00 by John H Rice for R. T. G.  No 18537 same as above dated Aug 20, 1879.  No 2096 S. L. U. Aug 20, 1879 McCormick & Co.  Bearer $5.00 J. J. Halpin same as above No 930 July 12, 1879 Siegel & Marks $9.00 Sent 70¢ to Newark Shirt Co.  $3.00 P. O. order to J. C. Boyd for Batteries.  Wrote to D. O. Calder St. George, 1879, October & November A. R. Whitehead, p. 51 (57)
ordering Goods.  also to C. M. Livington in relation to P. O. Order sent Sept 20th.  Wrote to J. F. Wells sent names of M A Sullivan, M. P. Romney & Geo H Crosby.  Sent 50¢ to Grant for Musical Advertiser
October 26.  Attended Meeting addressed by Prest E. Snow and Jacob Gates Jr.
October 27.  Worked in Office all day.
October 28.  At Temple calling at Font.  Paid D. L. Hendrix $7.50 interest on Note.  Sent the following Checks to Z. C. M. Ins.  No 19117  W. F. & Co payable to W Thomas Endorsed by him and by G. H. Crosby and myself for 71.04 by J H Rice.  dated S Reef Sept 9, 1879 also same as above No 20291 to Bearer endorsed by me for $20.00 dated Oct 22, 1879.  also No 1246 S. R. July 21, 1879 McCormick & Co.  $7.00 Woolf & Jordan also same as above 2246 for 2.00 to me endorsed by me Oct. 8, 1879 J. J. Halpin  Wrote to Jos Horne, Richfield in relation to Flom.  Factory Goods &c. Sent Bill of Goods to be delivered at Juab on the 4th Nov. (p. 43)
October 29.  At Temple Recording & Roll.  Attended Justice Court took case of F. Holt in Replevin.  gained suit and received $7.00 for my services
October 30.  At Temple Recording and Roll.  worked in Office
October 31.  At Temple Recording and Roll.  worked in Office.
November 1.  Worked in office and Attended Canaan Meeting.
November 2.  Visited 4th Ward School, with M. P. Romney at meeting P.M. visited and administered to Ella Seegmiller
November 3.  Ella Seegmiller died.  My wife Mary G. having been up with St. George, 1879, November A. R. Whitehead, p. 52 (58)
her all night.  Worked in Office.
November 4.  At Temple Calling at Font till 12 M.  Attended the funeral of Sister Seegmiller, offered the opening Prayer  Administered to Sister Clara W. Bowman.
November 5.  At Temple.  Recording Roll, Peter, Vail, 2nd Anointing &c until dark.
November 6.  At Temple same as yesterday.
November 7.  At Temple same as yesterday.
November 8.  Went to Washington with J. Gates Sen. bought Goods which Bro Gates is to take North and sell for Flour to deliver me one half of the Flour realized from the Goods.  Worked in Office. P.M.
November 9.  Attended Meeting.  Addressed by L. Harris & E Snow  Wrote to Jos. Goddard in England, very Stormy day
November 10.  Rainny and very Muddy.  Sent $1.00 to H. Hallet & Co. for Masons Chart.  also Co Order to A Nebeker for 9.90 to pay my Taxes in Glendale with order on I Duffin for Cash.  my Taxes being 267 Terr &  School 267 Co & Deliquent 1.62.  Wrote to M. Funk for Money.  Sent to Singer for 2 Machines to be shipped to McArthur on the 19th inst.  Wrote to Calder for Organ for Mrs Bleak and for 2 Stools.  Sent $50.00 P.O. order to C. M. Livington for Goods.
November 11.  At Temple.  Calling at Font.  till 3 P.M.  In Office P.M.
November 12.  At Temple.  Prayer, Rec. & Roll.  Erastus.  Birthday 8 years old
November 13.  At Temple Rec. & Roll.  all day.  Choir Practice Evening
November 14.  At Temple.  Rec. & Roll.  all day.  Choir Practice Evening St. George, 1879, November    A. R. Whitehead, p. 53 (59)
November 15.  In Office all day, and repairing Machine.
November 16.  In Company with M. P. Romney.  E. W. Snow and A. W. Ivins, visited the Santa Clara S. School  Bro & Sis Romney visited us and took dinner with us (p. 44)  had a conversation with Prest E. Snow in relation to conducting the business of the Ladies Coop for them,  he thought my offer to them was a good one.  thought they had better either engage me to conduct it or else unit[e] with the St George C. M. I.
November 17.  Worked in Office A. M.  Attended High Council P.M.  case of the St Geo.  Sheep herd vs A. L. Barron
November 18.  At Temple.  confirming and Recording.  in Office P.M.
November 19.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  worked in Office Spencer & Hanley, sent Gus Engler from Sil Reef to rent Organ.  I wished security and he presented letter from A. S. Potter was not satisfied and he Telegraphed A. S. Potter is responsible for 60 days see Letter & Telegram on file.
November 20.  Delivered Clough & Warren Organ (Favority) 10 stops to Engler for Spencer & Hanley at Monthly rent of $6.00 in advance.  Engler agreed to send Lease & 1st Months rent.  Rd Robinson & Sons took it to the Reef for him. Wrote to Bro G. Goddard in relation to exchanging Tithing at Provo.  Also to R. T. Smith for settlement for his a/c $4.50
November 21.  At Temple Rec. & Roll.  in Office all day
November 22.  In Office all day.  Birthday party in the evening.
November 23.  Visited 3rd Ward S. School.  D. C. Robbins put in Supt. Attended Meeting.  addressed by Bro Legg. & others. St. George, 1879, November & December                       A. R. Whitehead, p. 54 (60)
November 24.  In Office all day.
November 25.  At Temple.  Recording at Font.  Visited Mutual at the Clara in the evening with M. P. Romney & W. Carter.
November 26.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  In the Office P.M.
November 27.  At Temple.  Recording & Roll.  In the Office P.M.
November 28.  Went in Company with D. H. Cannon, Jos Orton & J. E. Pace to Leeds, held Meeting in the evening, addressed the Meeting Slept at J. T. Wilkinsons.
November 29.  Left Leeds, drove to Kelseys.  D. H. Cannon and Myself walked to Harmony.  the other Brethren taking the Team to Kanarra. stayed at (p. 45) Bp. W. D. Paces, were well received.
November 30.  Attended S. School.  Bro Prince.  Supt, School well attended. I addressed the School for 20 Minutes Meeting at 2 P.M. again spoke and visited Bro Redd's family administered to two sick persons one child and Sister Hold.  Attended Meeting at 6 P.M. again addressed the Meeting, had very pleasant day.
December 1.  Bp Pace took us to the forks of the Road in his Buggy where at 10 A.M. we met the other Brethren, they all stopped at Harrisburg and held Meeting.  I returned home by Stage.
December 2.  County Court in Session until 2-30 P.M.
December 3.  At Temple  Recording.  In Office all day
December 4.  Visited the Factory with H. Eyring. & J. G. Bleak as committee examining prices &c.  went & returned by Stage, attend Trustees Meeting in the evening.
December 5.  At Temple, Recording & Roll.  Met Bp Jos Horne who Married a Miss Baum.  In Office P.M. sent Notices to Road Supervisors.  Attended St. George, 1879, December     A. R. Whitehead, p. 55 (61)
Meeting of Committe at 5 P.M.
December 6.  In Office.  Wrote to Mrs Ross on Estate Matters.  Attended Board Meeting of Washington Field
December 7.  Attended Board meeting of G. G. M. Co. to decide price of Mine.  Wrote Mr Hinman.
December 8.  Worked in Office all day.
December 9.  At Temple.  Recording at Font.  Worked on School Report P.M.
December 10.  At Temple.  Recording and Roll.  Made out Papers for Milo Andrus & Mrs Whitmore.
December 11.  At Temple.  Recording and Roll.  In Office.
December 12.  At Temple.  Recording and Roll.  In Office.
December 13.  In Office all day working for H. S. Lubbock
December 14.  In Office all day working for H. S. Lubbock
December 15.  In Office all day working for H. S. Lubbock earned $60.00 in the past 3 days with Seth Pymms Assistance.  made 36 Abstracts & Copies.
December 16.  At Temple Confirming.  In Office P.M. Board December 17. Meeting of Washington Field Canal Co.
December 17.  At Temple Recording & Roll.  Board Meeting of R. V. M. Co. (p. 46)
December 18.  At Temple.  Recording.  Roll.  Peter & Vail Board Meeting of W. Field Canal Co. P.M. and Board of R. V. M. Co in the Evening.
December 19.  At Temple.  Recording.  Roll.  Peter & Vail.  Sta[r]ted up the River in Company with Prests. Snow. & J. D. T. McAllister  T. J. Jones Rd Bentley.  J. Gates and Miles P. Romney arrived at Leeds and held St. George, 1879, December                                                                                      A. R. Whitehead, p. 56 (62)
Meeting at 6-30 P.M.  stayed at J. T. Wilkinsons
December 20.  Started at 7 A.M. and drove to Rockville and attended the Funeral of Sister C. N. Smith at 2 P.M.  Raining very hard all evening & night.  held Meeting of the Y. M. M. I. Assn in the evening.  addressed the meeting.
December 21.  Held Meeting at Rockville.  took dinner with Bro Stout. held Meeting again and drove down to Duncans retreat held Meeting there in the evening.  organized a Y. M. M. I. Assn also one for the Young Ladies, and set the Officers apart.  Prest. McAllister & Jones being present the other Brethren went to Virgin City and held Meeting there. Stayed all night with Bro. Gibsons family.
December 22.  Drove down to Virgin City, attended Dedication of a Meeting Room for the Associations All drove down to Toquerville.  held Meeting and addressed the Meeting, eat dinner at Bro. Duffins, felt rather sick Prests. McAllister & Jones and Bros Bentley Romney and myself drove down to Harrisburg.  Bros Snow and Gates stopping and holding another Meeting at Toquer  held Meeting at Harrisburg and drove home arriving there at 10-30 P.M.  found Mary G. very sick had just sent for the Elders.  Bros. A Nelson and A. Macdonal came in we administered to her and she revived  Bros. I. Ivins and E. G. Woolley came in and we again administered to her (p. 47)
December 23.  Stayed with my wife all day waiting upon her.  she was very bad.
December 24.  Mary a little better.  Sister Calkin came and nursed her up and she improved.  this is the coldest day ever known in this country since it was settled.  Went down down (sic) and got some presents for the Children St. George, 1879, December                                                                            A. R. Whitehead, p. 57 (63)
December 25.  Christmas day stayed at home nearly all day, was invited to dinner at Bro Bentleys but did not go.  Mary a little better.
December 26.  Mary some better but very weak, went to the Office most all day.  was very cold.  Wrote up my journal &c.
December 27.  Worked in Office all day on County a/cs  Wrote to Bennett & Harkness, A D Hazen to Spencer & Hanley & to Geo D Bernard & Co. Raining & Snowing all day.  Mary a little better  T. J. Jones offered me $500.  Cash for my Lucerne Land 1/2 on 1st Feb & 1/2 in one year.
December 28.  Stayed at home all day, snowing hard  Mary better.  felt quite unwell.  took an Emetic in the Evening.
December 29.  Worked in Office on County a/cs all day  Meeting of the School District at 6-30 P.M. to vote on question of Tax for free Schools had a lively contest.  57 Voted for and 36 Against 2/3 Majority being required it did not carry.  arrived home at 10-30 P.M.  Mary G. very sick all night, had to get up and attend her
December 30.  Went to Office at 11 O'Clock, Mary some better  Worked on County accounts and made Petition for D. Rogers.
December 31.  In office all day.  working on Co. a/cs. St. George, 1880, January A. R. Whitehead, p. 58 (64)
January 1.  Worked in Office until noon, spent P.M. with Mary.
January 2.  At Temple.  Recording.  Office P.M
January 3.  In Office all day
January 4.  Attended Meeting E. Snow addressed Meeting (p. 48)  held preliminary Meeting of Washington Field
January 5.  Attended Election at Washington, resigned my position as Secretary of W. Field Canal Co.
January 6.  County Court all day.
January 7.  At Temple, Recording.  In Office P.M.  R. Bentley & Wife. I. Ivins and wives visited us in the evening sold my land in Washington Field to T. J. Jones for $500.00
January 8.  Worked in Office on Financial Report.
January 9.  Worked in Office on Washington F. Canal Books
January 10.  Worked in Office on Washington F. Canal Books.  Settled my Tithing paid $10.00 Cash $57.00 Produce and $75.00 Labor in Temple. Bought from C. Dolton his furniture am to pay him $75.00 Cash or $45.00 Cash & $60.00 Factory also a Single Harness $15.00  Total $90.00 for 2 Bedsteads 1 Round Table 7 Chairs, Bureau and Provision Safe.
January 11.  Attended Meeting.  A. N. Hinkley, Jno Ashworth, Aaron Macdonald & H. Eyring, speakers.
January 12.  Worked in Office.  ordered Goods &c.  Sent financial Report of the County and of Bridge a/c to E. Snow
January 13.  At Temple until 12 M.  Calling at Font.  in Office P.M
January 14.  At Temple.  Recording.  received Endowments for Wm Harrison.  Mary for Alice Newman who was sealed to me.  In the Office P.M. St. George, 1880, January                  A. R. Whitehead, p. 59 (65)
January 15.  At Temple Recording, spoke to Bp Granger in relation to using the 2nd Ward School House for dancing parties, he was quite offended at my speaking to him on the subject and complained to Prest McAllister of the matter.  I saw Prest McA. in relation to the subject, referring him to the Meeting held in the Tithing Office on the subject, also to the remarks made by Prest E. Snow on the subject.  he said Prest Snows remarks he thought unkind and decided that the Bps should have charge of the School houses and if they wished to use them for Ward Sabbath School or M. I. Ass parties they had (p. 49) a right to.  I told him I did not under stand my position when one authority of the Church advised one thing and another steps in and decides to the contrary.
            Attend Probate Court P.M.  case of Bear vs Baer in Divorce. Attended Meeting of School Trustees in the evening.
January 16.  Worked in the Office all day on Probate business &c. Attended Meeting of the Presidency of the Stake and Bishops to decide whether we should again try the Vote of the People for Free Schools. decided to Petition the Trustees to call a Meeting for that purpose Bp Granger having used the School House without permission of the Trustees for dancing  the question was proposed whether we should use those not being used for Schools for dances  I made a Motion that none of them should be used, which was seconded and by request of Prest McAllister & John M. MacFarlane  I withdrew the Motion on the condition that they should not be used only by consent of the Trustees.
January 17.  In Office, worked on my a/cs.  Seth Pymm quit working for St. George, 1880, January         A. R. Whitehead, p. 60 (66)
me.  Attended Theatre in evening.
January 18.  Attended Meeting.  A. W. Ivins,  M. Andrus & J Gates addressed the meeting.  visited at M. Romneys  Prof Schopp[m]an took supper there with us.
January 19.  Attended the opening of Prof Schopmanns School, over 200 Pupils started, attended theatre in the evening.  Wrote to Jos Horne.
January 20.  Put up a Sewing Machine A.M.  In office P.M.  attend M. I. Assn Lecture delivered by M. P. Romney.  subject.  "He that conquers himself is greater than he that conquereth a nation"
January 21.  At Temple.  Recording.  worked in Office organized the St George Dramatists in the Evening with myself as President.  J. Gates Jr Sec & Treas, A W Ivins Stage Manager & C. E. Johnson (p. 50) Assistant. we four to pay all expenses and divide equally the profits.
January 22nd.  At Temple recording.  In Office all day.
January 23.  At Temple recording.  In Office all day.  Attended Choir Practice and 1st Ward S. S. Party
January 24.  Attended Rehearsal of Hidden hand.  In Office after 10-30. Played Woolf.  at Theatre in Evening
January 25.  Attended 4th Ward. S. School.  addressed the Children Attended Meeting.  addressed by Prof Schoppman and John L. Smith. attended Ward Meeting.  addressed by Prof Schoppman and John L. Smith. attended Ward Meeting.  addressed by Prof Schoppman and Miles P. Romney. I opened Meeting by Prayer
January 26.  Worked in Office, made deed for Mrs Houston  Attended Lecture on Phrenology in evening
January 27.  Worked in Office.  Sold my interest in Wagon business to St. George, 1880, January & February     A. R. Whitehead, p. 61 (67)
I. Cox for $200.00 Co Scrip
January 28.  Worked in Office at accounts.  Attended Meeting of Factory Committe[e].  Attended Rehearsal P.M.
January 29.  In Office Recording.
January 30.  In Probate Court Case of J. Hall vs Ann H Hall.
January 31.  Worked on Canaan Register.
February 1.  Attended 4th Ward S. School & Meeting
February 2.  At work on Canaan Books
February 3.  At work on Canaan Books  Attended Lecture in the evening delivered by Milo Andrus
February 4.  Worked on Canaan Books  At Temple A.M.
February 5.  Went through the Temple for James Cliff.
February 6.  At Temple and in Office at Canaan Books
February 7.  At Canaan Books all day
February 8.  Visited 3rd Ward S School.  At Meeting P.M.
February 9.  Unloading & Marking Goods.  A.M.  Divorce  case P.M.  Visited Washington Mutual Imp. Assn. in company with M. P. Romney & D. C. Robbins
February 10.  Worked in Office all day.
February 11.  At Temple Recording & Held H. in Office
February 12.  At Temple Recording & Held H. in Office
February 13.  At Temple Washing & Recording in Office
February 14.  Worked for Canaan, performed in the Rose of Ettrick Vale. part of Guy othe Gap (p. 51)
February 15.  Visited 2nd Wd S. School with M. P. Romney attended Meeting, Saml Claridge Speaker.  Mr Schoppman visited us in the evening St. George, 1880, February                   A. R. Whitehead, p. 62 (68)
February 16.  17  Worked at Ladies Coop taking Stock and turning over to the Coop.  Mass Meeting in the evening at which I was nominated as City Recorder.  Bro Eyrings child died
February 17  18  At the Ladies Store till M.  At Canaan Books.  P.M. Attended Lecture delivered by Jas G. Bleak.  History of the Church. after which managed the 4th Wd S. S. Party.
February 18  19  At Temple.  Recording.  H. Horn, Peter & V. in Office P.M.
February 19.  At Temple Recording.  Anointed.  Peter & V.  made out Papers for Cunningham.  and at Ladies Store taking Stock.  Attended Meeting of S. District in evening, much disunion and opposition to School Tax.  Motion was lost.
February 20.  At Temple Recording H. H. & Anointed.  Peter & V.  Wrote to Miss Cook sent $12.00 to her.
February 21.  Worked on Canaan Register Played Guy P.M.
February 22.  Attended Meeting.  S. Claridge Speaker
February 23.  Finished Canaan register
February 24.  Went to Silver Reef to see Halpin
February 25.  At Temple Recording.  H. H. in office P.M.
February 26.  At Temple Recording  Washed  In Office P.M.  Bought half of Butcher Shop Slaughter yard tools &c of C Dalton at Silver Reef paid him $675.00 T. J. Jones.  Note $250.0 my Note in 12 Mos.  10% interest he to do the business for $10000 per month, to divide all profits he to pay 10% on all Canaan I put in the business & I to pay the same interest on all Cash he puts in.  Wrote to Miss Cook about her Bos
February 27.  Went to Silver Reef with Dalton and secured Deed to Meat St. George, 1880, February & March  A. R. Whitehead, p. 63 (69)
Market. visited the Theatre in the Evening.  Play of Murphy February 28.  Returned home at One P.M. Worked in the Office. played Guy and.Natz Teik at Theatre (p. 52)
February 29.  Worked in Office A.M. Visited at E. G. Woolleys P.M.
March 1. Municipal Election, was Elected City Recorder.  County all day
March 2.  Worked in Office all day.  Attended Lecture P.M. given by Prof Schoppman.  subject  Trip around the World.
March 3.  At Temple.  Recording & Washing.  In Office P.M.
March 4.  At Temple Rec. & Clothing Worked on Ladies a/cs
March 5.  At Temple Rec. & Washing In Office P.M.
March 6.  In Office.  Went to Washington performed in the Evening. Rose of Ettrick & Swiss Cottage
March 7.  Attended Meeting.  Wrote to Miss Cook  J. W. Snell, Des News, & J. J. Page
March 8.  Probate Court.
March 9.  County Court.
March 10.  At Temple Rec. & Washing In Office P.M.
March 11.  At Temple Rec. & H Horn In Office P.M.
March 12.  At Temple Rec. & Anointing In Office P.M.  Theatre evening
March 13.  Attended Conference.  Theatre in evening
March 14.  Attended Conference Mutual & S. School Meeting in Eve
March 15.  Went to Silver Reef.  Posting Books.  Ordered Goods
March 16.  Posting Books. returned home.  Committe Meeting  Eve
March 11.  Posting Books in Office.  Temple A. M. Rec. & Anointing St. George, 1880, March & April   A. R. Whitehead, p. 64 (70)
March 18.  Temple Rec. & Clothing.  Posting Butcher Shop a/cs
March 19.  Temple Rec. & Washing.  Worked in Office.  Choir Practice in the Evening at Jos Ortons.  he having been called to Europe on a Mission.  this as a parting visit.  cake pie & wine passed
March 20.  In Office A.M.  City Council P.M.  Factory Board Evening
March 21.  Quite Sick with Cold.  Attended Meeting in Tabernacle
March 22.  Unwell, but worked in Office all day.
March 23.  Same.  as yesterday.  Wrote several letters.
March 24.  At Temple  Rec. H. Horn.  in Office P.M.
March 25.  At Temple Rec. Anointed  In Office P.M.
March 26.  At Temple Rec. Clothed in Office P.M.
March 27.  In Office and attended High Council P.M.
March 28.  Visited 1st Ward S. S. with M. P. Romney & E. W. Snow attended Meeting. P.M.
March 29.  Went to Silver Reef to Post Books and (p. 53) make out Bills. Went by Stage
March 30.  Posting Books, and making out Bills
March 31.  Posting Books, and making out Bills
April 1.  Posting Books, and making out Bills
April 2.  Posting Books, returned home by Stage
April 3.  Worked in Office and played Coco in Midnight Watch and Solon Shingle in the Peoples Lawer at Theatre in the evening.
April 4.  Visited 3rd Wd S. S. with M. P. Romney attended meeting, P.M.
April 5.  In Office A.M. assisted in arranging for celebration
April 6.  50th Aniversary of the Organization of the Church.  had a very enjoyable time at the Tabernacle.  which was nicely decorated. Saw C. W. Dalton this morning offered to throw in the time I had spent St. George, 1880, April            A. R. Whitehead, p. 65 (71)
in the Butcherbuz.  if he would pay me my first investment and means I had advanced in the business.  said he would see Lucinda Lee. Performed at Theatre in the evening played Coco and Mr. Crincum in the Wandering Minstrel.
April 7.  Saw Bro. C. W Dalton, said he had talked to Lucinda and she was willing for me to withdraw from the business and would see that I did not loose anything.  At Temple Recording and Washed.  Worked in Office all day
April 8.  At Temple Recording.  Worked in Office A.M. on Estate Matters Attended Mr Schoppmans School Examination was very interesting
April 9.  Worked in Office all day, sent to Temple A M and Recorded and Held Horn.
April 10.  In Office all day.  Managed a Party in the Eve
April 11.  Went to Office done some Writing.  attended Meeting.  sent of Bill to Z. C. M. I. for Goods
April 12.  Worked in Office all day.
April 13.  Worked in Office all day.  Probate Court.  Divorce Case conducted case for Mrs. J. Gray.
April 14.  Temple  Recorded.  Called at Font & Held Horn  Worked in Office on School a/cs.
April 15.  Temple.  Recording & Clothed.  In Office.  Attended (p. 54) Board of Ladies Coop was authorized to collect their debts for 10%.
April 16.  Worked in Office.  Sent $5.00 to Putnam for Tole License. Mr. Allen of Stormont Silver Mnf Co. came in Town on business for the Co.
April 17.  Worked in Office A.M.  City Council P.M. St. George, 1880, April A. R. Whitehead, p. 66 (72)
April 18.  Attended Sabbath School at Santa Clara with Bros. Romney & Snow.  talked 15 minutes returned home after School, it being very cold.
April 19.  In Office, Probate Court worked on Divorce papers
April 20.  In Office all day.
April 21.  Went by Stage to Silver Reef, to see Dalton in relation to a Settlement, he agreed to refund me what I had paid on Dalton & Whitehead a/c.  saw James of the firm of Carleton & James, told me he did not  know me in his deal with Dalton  came home.  and was quite sick all night.
April 22.  Very sick at home until 1 P.M.  went to the Office awhile, went to see Mrs Lee.  Dalton spoke to her about Mortgage of Carleton and James, that it would not hold the property thought they would want a Mortgage from her  asked her if she would not give me a Mortgage in Advance of them as my debt from her and Dalton was ahead of theirs, said she would write to Dalton about it and would see me made safe.  Wrote to C. W. Dalton on the subject.
April 23.  Went to Temple.  Recorded.  H. H. & Washed.  worked in Office P.M. did not feel well.
April 24.  Worked in Office all day.  Ordered a Bill of Goods from J Cerf & Co San Francisco per L. Sievre Agt on 4 Months time dating from date of Invoice
April 25.  Attended Meeting 1-30 P.M.  Wrote to Jos Goddard
April 26.  Worked in Office all day.  received Telegram from Carleton and James,  Answered, that I claimed an equitable interest in Butcher Shop &c until I was reimbursed.  Dalton and Carlton came down by Stage St. George, 1880, April & May                                                                        A. R. Whitehead, p. 67 (73)
to settle Matters.  I consented to give Carlton the first Mortgage on the Property and took Daltons Note with his Wife's jointly and a (p. 55) Mortgage on the Property.  Real and personal as security he signed dissolution of partnership with me.  the next Morning 27th before the Mail left and he agreed to send me Money as fast as he could.
April 27.  Was in Office nearly all day.
April 28.  At Temple.  Called at Font.  Recorded and Clothed  Mr Woodward arrived in Town on Grand Gulch business.  Attended Wedding dance of B. F. Coats & E. McArthur
April 29.  At Temple.  Recording.  Worked on School a/cs the rest of the day.
April 30.  At Temple Recording & H. H. worked in Office all day.
May 1.  In Office and Store all day.  3rd Ward. S. S. entertainment in the Social Hall in the Evening.
May 2.  Sunday - Attended Meeting.  W. S. McCornick came to make Lease to the Grand Gulch Mine.
May 3.  Met with Board of G. G. M. Co. and entered into an Agreement to Lease the Mine for ten years for One tenth of the Gross products. Attended Birthday party of J. E. Johnson, had a good time.
May 4.  Worked in Office all day.
May 5.  At Temple called at Font.  John & Vail.  worked in the Office P.M.
May 6.  At Temple.  Recording.  John & Vail.  In Office P.M.
May 7.  At Temple.  Recording.  John & Vail  Anointing  In Office P.M. Grand dress Ball in the evening.  given by the Theatrical Co.  I managed St. George, 1880, May                       A. R. Whitehead, p. 68 (74)
the Party and Costumed as Red Ronald of the Leonards.
May 8.  Worked in Office all day.  City Council 4 P.M.
May 9.  Attended 2nd Ward S. School with M. P. Romney attended Meeting P.M.  visited Eliza S Calkin  she stated to me that she was engaged to be married to C. N. Smith of Rockville.
May 10.  In Office.  Probate Court.
May 11.  In Office all day.
May 12.  At Temple Calling at Font.  Recording.  Clothed.  John & Vail Worked in Office  P.M.  bought a Buggy from S. L. Adams to be paid for $100.  Canaan  $75.00 Factory, also to cancel his indebtedness to me amounting in all to about 19000
May 13.  At Temple.  Rec.  John & Vail.  Attended Circle.  Worked in Office P.M. (p. 56)
May 14.  At Temple.  Rec. Wash. Y. V.  Worked in Office P.M.
May 15.  Worked in Office all day.
May 16.  Went to Leeds and brought Mary home
May 17.  In Office all day.  Recording &c.  Probate Court
May 18.  In Office all day.  Wrote to Livington.  Halpin &c.
May 19.  At Temple.  Rec. Anointd, El. & V.  Lizzie Smith Calkin Married to Bp C. N. Smith of Rockville, Worked in Office P.M.  Surprise party at 8 P.M. of the Temple hands visiting Bros. & Sis.  Smith, had an enjoyable time.
May 21.  At Temple.  Rec. Clothing.  El. & V.  Worked in Office Saml St. George, 1880, May     A. R. Whitehead, p. 69 (75)
Cunningham gave me Power of Attorney to attend to all his business here for him with instructions to Discount S. L. Adams Note 10% if paid before due also to sell his G. G. Stock the same as I would my own or to do as the Majority of the Company done, but to sell on the best terms I could as soon as the Works started and if I would give him five thou- sand dollars for his interest including the Green Boy Mine he would be satisfied.
May 22.  In Office all day.  Recording &c.
May 23.  Attended 1st Ward S. School with M. P. Romney  Meeting at 2 P.M.  M. F. Farnsworth, W. Cameron and Charles Smith addressed Meeting a Bro Brown living with James Andrus died.
May 24.  In Office all day, assisting Cunningham, S. L. Adams and D. H. McAllister to settle
May 25.  In Office all day, assisting Cunningham, S. L. Adams and D. H. McAllister to settle
May 26.  Temple, Recording.  H. H. and Anointed.  came home and recorded Patents.  Wrote Letter to Halpin agreed to pay him within 30 days. Attended Exhibition of 1st Wd S. School.  very interesting.  Mary & the children all there.  Myself & Wife complimented
May 27.  Temple.  Recording.  James & Vail.  In Office P.M.
May 28.  Temple.  Recording.  H. H. Anod & Vail  Visited School P.M.
May 29.  In Office.  Mary and children attended a Picnic at W. O. Bentleys at Middleton, returned hom(e) at 8 P.M.
May 30.  Attended S. School 3rd Ward.  addressed the School  M. P. Romney also addressed them.  attended Meeting (p. 57) at 2 P.M.  M. Andrus, D. Seegmiller and Lars Larson, Speakers. St. George, 1880, May & June     A. R. Whitehead, p. 70 (76)
May 31.  Worked in Office all day.
June 1.  Franks Birthday (My Brother)  Worked in Office.  Rented D H McAllister Sewing Machine at $2.00 per Month  exchanged Machine with M. P. Romney  he to pay me $5.00 Cash or its equivalent
June 2.  At Temple.  Rec. at Font.  Recording.  Anointing.  Peter & Vail.  Worked on School a/cs P.M.  and sent Copy of County Financial Report for 1879 to Robt P. Porter  Cencus Agt.  Washington D. C.  Goods arrived from San Francisco.  Unpacked and Marked until 10 O'Clock
June 3.  Unpacked Goods until 8-50.  At Temple Recorded.  Clothed.  Peter Vail and attended P. Circle  Worked on School a/cs P.M.
June 4.  At Temple Washed, Recorded Peter & Vail.  Probate Court.  In Office P.M.
June 5.  In Office all day.
June 6.  Visited Washington Sab. S. Addressed the School also Meeting P.M.  accompanied by M. P. Romney and my Wife.  visited J. E. Pace and enjoyed ourselves.
June 7.  County Court all day.  Election of Trustees P.M.  R. Bentley Elected for 3 years  Thos Judd for 1 year and myself for 2 years.
June 8.  County Court, visited the Bridge and returned and held Court. Attended Smiths Panorama P.M.  exhibited the 7 Wonders of the World.
June 9.  At Temple Calling at Font.  Recorded & Held Horn  In Office all day  after 10-30 A.M.  Prest E Snow & B. Young arrived in St George from S. L. City.
June 10.  My Birthday.  At Temple.  Recording.  Son George made me a Present of a large Rocking Chair, his Mother the cushions.  Surprise St. George, 1880, June                             A. R. Whitehead, p. 71 (77)
party in the evening, to wit.  R. Bentley, Wife and Daughter, Israel Ivins, two wives & Daughter, E. G. Woolley & Wife, C. E. Johnson & Wife, E. A. Ivins, Ida Woolley, Jed Woolley, E. Schoppman, H. McQuarrie, Mr Billings, G. A. Orson, Josephine, Georgianna & Martha Snow, W. H. Branch Jr & Wife, Bros Smith & Sperry (Musicians) Bro Ludlow and Mill L. Gardner, R. Branch, A. Macfarlane, & Others.
June 11.  At Temple.  Recording & Anointing  In Office P.M.
June 12.  Conference.  Attended Exhibition in Eveg.  Pyramids &c (p. 58)
June 13.  Attended Conference.  Bro & Sister Oscar Wood stayed with us all night.
June 14.  I worked in Office all day on Probate Matters
June 15.  I worked in Office all day on Probate Matters
June 16.  At Temple, calling at Font, & Recording.  heard the Adams Mine was jumped, consulted all day about the Matter with Bros Bentley & others.  held Meeting of Board and sent 6 men out.  to work on the Mine.
June 17.  At Temple.  Rec. Held H. An. Washed & Clothed.  Mary E. confined at 8-35 P.M.
June 18.  At Temple Rec. & Washed.  In Office P.M. attended 4th Wd. S. S. Exhibition in the Evening.
June 19.  In Office A.M. send brands to be recorded for Mills and Pymm. City Council 2 P.M.
June 20.  Mary G. and myself made a visit to Andrew Sorensens Washington, had a good visit.  I attended meeting there  Prest E. Snow, Milo Andrus &c.  Smith being the Speakers.  returned home at 8 P.M. St. George, 1880, June & July      A. R. Whitehead, p. 72 (78)
June 21.  Capt. H. S. Lubbock & Mrs. Liddle made us a visit took dinner Mayor R. Bentley & Lady and Judge Macfarlane and Mrs. E. G. Wooley visited us in the afternoon and stayed for Supper  Attended Caucus Meeting for the Election of Delegates to County Convention at 7-30 P.M.
June 22.  In Office, Abstracting and Recording A.M.  City Council at 2 P.M.  G. G. M. Co. Meeting 7 P.M.
June 23.  In Office all day  Recording &c.  At Temple A.M.  Recording
June 24.  At Temple.  Recording &c Bought a Mare for 125.00 Canaan bought a lot of Goods from J. Ross for Factory pay
June 25.  At Temple.  Rec. & Clothing, last day of work in the Temple Closed until Sept 1st.  In Office.  Visited Schoppmans School examination.  being the last day of School.  until Sept 1st. Engaged Schoppman to Teach again for $100.00 per Month and Board.  Cash and Store pay.
June 26.  In Office all day.
June 27.  Mary, Erastus & Mamie started for Salt Lake, went with them as far as Leeds, returned home at 9 P.M.
June 28.  In Office all day
June 29.  In Office all day  County Court (p. 59)
June 30.  In Office all day
July 1.  In Office all day Wrote to Mary
July 2.  In office all day
July 3.  In Office all day  City Council P.M.  Trustees Meeting.  D. Park & M. Hardy presen(t)
July 4.  Celebration M. P. Romney, A. W. Ivins & myself, made Speeches St. George, 1880, July A. R. Whitehead, p. 73 (79)
this being my first attempt at a Public Speech on a given subject, spoke on the History of the United States &c  took Dinner at home.  Meeting P.M.  Prests Snow & McAllister addressed the Meeting.  Prest Snow spoke of the firm of Woolley Lund & Judd doing injury to the people by trusting them &c  took Supper with Bro Romney.
July 5.  Co. Court A. M. Convention 2 P.M.  was renominated for County Recorder and County Clerk.  Theatre in the Evening.
July 6.  In Office.  Probate Court.  Divorce suit.  Wrote to Mary Attended Meeting of Committee for 24th myself Foreman.
July 7.  Worked in Office on Tax List &c all day.
July 8.  Worked in Office all day.  B. M. Ellerbeck came in with Q. Nebeker & R. Bentley, to compromise matters in relation to relocating the Adams Mine.  Ellerbeck stating he did not know the Mine had been worked and properly recorded.  Agreed that he and E. A. Smith would quit claim to the G. G. M. Co. their new locations called the Grandma, and George Washington, I drew up the Deed for him to take to Salt Lake and he agreed to sign and have Smith do so and return it.  I paid him One Dollar as the Consideration.
July 9.  Worked in Office, paid F. Green $33.96 in Flour, Grain & Canaan for hauling 1132 feet of Lumber from Trumbull $14.00 in Flour & Grain & $19.45 Canaan.
July 10.  In Office all day.  Attended Com. Meeting for the 24th in evening.
July 11.  Visited Price S. School with M. P. Romney.  Wrote to Mary
July 12.  In Office Co. Court A. M. making Election Notices P.M.  Sent 12.75 to Deseret News.  Sent $5.00 to Recorder of Arizona and wrote for St. George, 1880, July          A. R. Whitehead, p. 74 (80)
Cert Copy of Adams Mining Notice.
July 13.  Worked in Office all day.
July 14.  Worked in Office all day.
July 15.  Worked in Office til 12 M.  heard of death of Elizth Wilkinson at Leeds  she died at 2 A.M.  got a Carriage and took Mary, Annie and  Ann Eliza Wells over  arrived there at 7 P.M.  just as they were loading up to go (p. 62 -left pages 60 & 61 blank - nothing left out of diary) to the grave yard.  Joseph T. Wilkinson felt very bad, she died leaving 5 children younges(t) two weeks old.  complaint.  Milk fever.  Staid all night and returned home at 10 A.M. on the 16th.  Worked on Election Registers the balance of the day
July 17.  In Office all day.  City Council 2 P.M.
July 18.  Made out Programme for the Celebration of the 24th.  Attended Meeting at 2 P.M.  S. L. Adams spoke
July 19.  Worked in Office all day.  bought 10 Sewing Machines from S. L. Adams  $275.00  Canaan Stock & $20.00 Cash
July 20.  Worked in Office all day, read letter from S. L. Adams to Jos. F. Smith in which he complained of our having no financial head over our Stake Organization &c
July 21.  Worked in Office all day.  attended Committee Meeting in evening
July 22.  Worked in Office all day  Sent to Calder for Organ for Romney
July 23.  Worked in Office and prepared for the 24th Celebration
July 24.  Assisted in preperations for Celebration, took charge of the Meeting.  had an excellent Celebration the main features of the Occasion being Five Minute Speeches well interspersed with Singing and Music. St. George, 1880, July & August                                                                                       A. R. Whitehead, p. 75 (81)
I sang a Comic Song.  "Soap Starch & Candles" the Athletic sports in the Afternoon were quite a success.  Visited with Bro R Morris in the evening.
July 25.  Wrote to Mary done a little writing in the Office  Attended Meeting.  Bros Shipp and Gates addressed the Meeting.  took a Buggy ride after Meeting.
July 26.  In Office most of the day.  sold X. F. Slagowski a Sewing Machine and let him have a small Bill of Goods to sell on Commission.
July 27.  In Office and repaired Knitter for Bro Funk
July 28.  In Office A.M.  Knitting P.M. on Bro Funk Machine
July 29.  In Office Sent $30.00 to Singer Mnfg Co.  $10.00 to Bancroft Sent to Catter for S. S. Books and ordered Goods from Z. C. M. I.
July 30.  Worked in Store all day repairing Sewing Machines
July 31.  In Office all day
August 1.  Went to Santa Clara Addressed the School and Meeting M. P. Romney & myself  Addressed the School and Meeting
August 2.  General Election was Elected Co Clerk and Recorder.
August 3.  Visited Silver Reef with M. P. Romney
August 4.  Worked in Office all day.  (p. 63)
August 5.  Worked in Office all day.  Convassing Votes &c
August 6.  Worked in Office all day Recording &c
August 7.  Worked in Store repairing Machines
August 8.  Attended Meeting.  Wm Barnes returned Missionary W. H. Branch and Jacob Gates.  spoke, took a Buggy ride in the evening.
August 9.  In Office making Election Abstract and Certificates St. George, 1880, August A. R. Whitehead, p. 76 (82)
August 10.  In Office Worked at Tax List &c  Factory Board
August 11.  In Office all day.
August 12.  Went to the Washington Factory with J Gates as a Committee inspection  found it out of Wool and supplies.
August 13.  In Office A.M.  Attended Board Meeting of Factory P.M.
August 14.  Attended Picnic of Sunday School children at Bulls head. large attendance all enjoyed it.
August 15.  Attended Meeting.  H. Eyring.  C Smith & M. Andrus speakers received a letter from Mary and answered it.
August 16.  In Office.  sent $5.00 check to Deseret News Office  Also $56.00 to Singer Mnfg Co.  1 Check No 27113  Silver Reef Utah June 12th 1880.  Wells Fargo & Company Salt Lake City  Bearer on order.  $50.# John H Rice Cashier.  1 $5.00 & $1.00 Greenback.  Check endorsed by me to L. E. Hall or Singer Mnfg Co.  Jos. T. Wilkinson came over with a sick child to have him doctored
August 17.  In Office all day.  Notified C W Dalton that his Note was past due.  took tea at Bro Bentleys
August 18.  In Office all day.  lent Jos. T. W. my horse and Buggy to take home his children.  the boy being better.
August 19.  In Office all day.
August 20.  In Office all day.
August 21.  In Office A.M.  City Council P.M. at Mayor Bentleys
August 22.  Attended Meeting E. G. Woolley, J. G. Bleak & C. Smith preached
August 23  County Court. St. George, 1880, August                  A. R. Whitehead, p. 77 (83)
August 24.  County Court.
August 25.  In Office, A.M.  P.M. Meeting of Trustees
August 26.  In Office Received Letter from Mother, also a copy of a Letter from My Father as follows,  written in England just previous to our starting for America, when bidding him goodbye for the last time (p. 64)      March, 1855
My Dear Children
            These few words your Father addresses to you, although insignificant now m[a]y perhaps at some future time be servicable to you.  I am about being seperated from my Children perhaps for ever.  You are leaving a father, who which circumstances have divided from you has endeavored to contribute to your support so far as he could, and when sorrow urges him to address some parting words to you, hoping that when seas divide us they may cause you some consolation in your distress or affliction in sorrow or trouble remember that although deprived of my advice and assistance you have a father whom no seas can seperate, one always present always ready to hear and to help.
Imperfect as I am my advice may be inconsistent with my actions, but nevertheless follow it as if it came from a better man.  Make the New Testament your guide study the Character and laws of Jesus Christ pray to him to guide you and help you he will hear and grant his protection to his children in every affliction, God the universal Father who is every where present who now knows my desire to urge you to a full reliance upon his love as a source of strength and comfort to you when your earthly father, however loud your cry, cannot hear and help St. George, 1880, August & September            A. R. Whitehead, p. 78 (84)
you.  Remember my dear Children you are going to a Country where labor must be your resource for a livelihood.  What your hands find to do, do it with all your heart.  Do not forget your duty to your Mother.  Assist her by your strength, and (p. 65) should sickness or poverty overtake her comfort and support her.
            Be honest, let not shame depress you at meeting a Man you have wronged stand erect on the conviction of having acted right to your neighbor.
Be Sober, Oh my boys, if you knew which God grant the degredation the present helpless idiocy of a Man steeped in drink the unalterable agony of mind, the incessant gnawing of the worm, that never dies in a drunkards heart, you would avoid it whilst in your power, the fatal, facinating, fiendish cup.
I have little more to say.  I hope I need not invite you to love and help each other.  Brothers love and Cherish Sister Clara attend upon and bless help my thoughts my love will be with think sometimes of me and at every convenient opportunity write to me as I will to you should I be spared, should any change for the better occur in my fortune you all shall partake of it  you are my children.
August 27.  In Office all day.  28th do 29th attended meeting.  30th & 31st  In Office, attend meeting at the Temple at 10 A M. 31st.
September 1.  At Temple.  Recording, Held H. & James,  In Office
September 2.  At Temple.  Recording  Anointed & James.  In Office
September 3.  At Temple.  Recording  James.  In Office
September 4.  In Office  City Council P.M.  Mary E. went to Leeds. St. George, 1880, September            A. R. Whitehead, p. 79 (85)
September 5.  Quite unwell.  Attended Meeting.  took dinner at Prest. Snows
September 6.  County Court all day.  Mary returned home
September 7.  Went to Leeds with Water Commissioners to meet the Commissioners of Kane County, held Meeting at Bp Crosbys, was appointed Secretary of joint-Commission arrived home at 10 P.M. and worked in the Office till 2 A.M. of the 8th recording for Segel & Marks (p. 66)
September 8.  At Temple.  Recording.  Peter & V.  M. M. Farnsworth commenced at 1 P.M. to assist me in the Office
September 9.  At Temple.  Recording H. H.  Peter & V.  In Office P.M.
September 10.  At Temple.  Recording H. H.  Peter & V.  In Office P.M.
September 11.  In Office till 9-30 A.M.  Attended Conference
September 12.  Attended Conference.  & Conference of S. School Supts & Teachers & Mutual Imp. Assns in the evening.
September 13.  In Office all day
September 14.  In Office all day
September 15.  In Office P.M.  Temple A.M.  Rec.  Anointed, John & Vail
September 16.  At Temple Rec.  In Office P.M.
September 17.  At Temple Rec.  Clothed, Washed, John & Vail  sent P. O. order to Cerf & Co. S. F.
September 18.  Started to Salt Lake City in 1 Horse Buggy.  left Mary M. Farnsworth to attend Office.  Went to Belleview stayed at Bro Gates
September 19.  Travelled to Johnsons Fort.  stayed all night with Bro Jones, who was very kind
September 20.  looked very Stormy, but left Johnsons at 4 A.M. arriving St. George, 1880, September     A. R. Whitehead, p. 80 (86)
at Minersville about Noon  left my Buggy with Bp. McKnight, charged 25 cents per day for care and feed of my horse.  took the Coach for Milford arrived there at 2 P.M.  fell in company with G. F. Culmer Esq of Salt Lake.  put up at the Milford House
September 21st.  Took Train for Salt Lake, enjoyed the trip in Company with Mr Sloch of San Francisco  ordered a Bill of Goods from the firm he represented.  arrived in the City at 6-30 P.M.  surprised the folks, they not expecting me till next day found all well.
September 22.  Visited George.  Clara and Mother.
September 23.  looked around the City
September 24.  Went to Clara's spent nearly all day with her
September 25.  looked around the city
September 26th.  Visited 13th Ward Sabbath School.  talked to the Children, attended Meeting in the Tabernacle at 2 P.M.  Apostle O. Pratt and Elder Peter Ried spoke  Attended Ward Meeting 13th in evening  Bros.  W. Eddington and Fowler spoke.  (p. 67)
September 27.  Visited Z. C. M. Ins. and other places
September 28.  Brigham H. Goddard and Lulu Kelly married  Mary and Myself attended them to the Endowment House.  had a Grand reception & Supper, about Eighty persons present, all of which gave them some token of friendship as Wedding presents.
September 29.  Received a letter from T. J. Jones Supt. R. V. M. Co. to purchase a Boiler for the Factory at Washington spent all day examining Boilers
September 30.  Spent all day examining Boilers  wrote to T. J. Jones recommending an Egg end Boiler I had seen.  attended Bishops Meeting St. George, 1880, October                 A. R. Whitehead, p. 81 (87)
in the Evening.
October 1.  Visited Jennings & Sons about Grand Gulch business
October 2.  Visited around the City with my Son George, and ordered a Bill of Goods from Jno W. Snell.  visited Claras in the evening with Mary & the Children, Mother, Eliza and Jenny also Jos. D. Lyon.  had a good time.
October 3rd.  Visited the 14th Ward Sabbath School and Tabernacle services in the Afternoon.  13th Ward in the evening.
October 4th  At George's Visiting.  had an excellent time
October 5.  Called on Jennings,  Went to Depot, to see Bro Sharp purchased some Church works from Juv. Ins. Office  Visited the Secretary of the Territory, Mr Thomas  Ordered Goods from G. F. Culmer, Paints & Glass  took supper at Eliza's received Telegram from F. R. Snow to secure Boiler
October 6 to 10th.  Conference, attended all the Meetings also Convention as Delegate from Kane County to make Nomination for Delegate to Congress. G. Q. Cannon chosen  Attended Meetings of Sab. School Superintendents also Y. M. M. Imp Association.  Prest Jno Taylor chosen Prest of the Church, Geo. Q. Cannon and Jos. F. Smith his councellors, Jno H. Smith and F. Lyman filling there places in the Twelve.  still leaving one Vacancy.
October 11.  Started for home on Utah S. Rail Road at 7 A.M.  arrived at Milford at 9-20 P.M. had a rather rough Company of Soldiers from Juab in the Car.  had been Snowing near all day. (p. 68)  had quite a job to get a bed at the Hotel all being taken up.  was about to get St. George, 1880, October A. R. Whitehead, p. 82 (88)
into bed and was disturbed by W. Jack who was very drunk  had to be put out of the Hotel.  his wife. (Inez Maybert) screaming "Not to hurt him &c)  George Adolphus & Erastus slept in the Wagons with the Boys.
October 12.  Saw about the Freight and sent my wife and Mamie to Minersville with a Team going there left the Boys to come with the freight Teams and I rode to Minersville with Saml Leigh of Cedar  being rather cold, stayed there with Bp. McKnight till
October 13.  Started with the Buggy, and travelled to Cedar stayed with Bro Birkbeck all night.
October 14.  Travelled to Leeds,  Blew very hard while coming through the Sand, stopped at Bp. Crosby's
October 15.  Travelled to Washington by dinner, stopped at Bro McReavey's and arrived home at 3 P.M.
October 16.  In Office all day.
October 17.  Went to Price in the afternoon.
October 18.  In Office all day
October 19.  In Office all day
October 20.  At Temple Recorded & Anointed.  In Office P.M.
October 21.  At Temple  Recorded & Clothed  In Office P.M.
October 22.  At Temple Recorded & Washed  In Office P.M.
October 23.  In Office and Store all day
October 24.  Attended 4th Wd Sab. School and Meeting P.M.
October 25.  In Office all day
October 26.  In Office all day
October 27.  At Temple.  Recording & Anointed.  Office P.M. St. George, 1880, October & November   A. R. Whitehead, p. 83 (89)
October 28.  At Temple.  Recording. & Anointed.  Office P.m.
October 29.  At Temple.  Recording. & Anointed.  Office P.M.
October 30.  In Office all day.  Played Dionysius in Damon & Pythias
October 31.  Visited with Bro Romney 1st Wd S. School attended Meeting
November 1.  Probate Court all day.
November 2.  Election for Delegate to Congress was chosen one of the Judges
November 3.  At Temple.  Rec. and at Font.  Office P.M.
November 4.  At Temple.  Rec. Factory Board Meeting & Office P.M.
November 5.  At Temple.  Rec.  Office P.M.
November 6.  Attended Canaan and Factory Stock holders Meetings was reelected a Member of the Factory Board played Damon & Pythias, to a full House.  (p. 69)
November 7th.  Took dinner with S. L. Adams Jr and other friends Attended Meeting P.M.  Addressed by Prest E. Snow and Angus M. Cannon. Bro and Sister Wood came to visit us.  Went to Wd Meeting. and enjoyed the visit afterwards  Bro & Sis Wood staying all night.
November 8.  Canvassing Election Returns.  Peoples Ticket 713 and Liberals 176, in the County.  City Councel 4 P.M.
November 9.  Worked in Office all day
November 10.  At Temple & Office A.M.  2 P.M. Board Meeting R. V. M. Co.
November 11.  At the Factory on business as Executive Committee in Company with J Gates, E. W. Snow and Prest E. Snow
November 12.  In Office all day.
November 13.  In Office all day.
November 14.  Went to Washington,  Attended Meeting.  Spoke to the People St. George, 1880, November       A. R. Whitehead, p. 84 (90)
November 15.  Probate Court.  all day.  Temple  A.M.
November 16.  In Office all day.  attended Y. M. Mutual.  Wm Burton and Moroni Snow visited as Missionaries.
November 17.  In Office all day.  Attended Y. M. at Washington in company with W. Burton, M. Snow, M. P. Romney & Jno Carter
November 18.  At Temple A.M.  Office P.M.
November 19.  At Temple  Rec'g & Anointing.  In Office P.M.
November 20.  In Office A.M.  City Council P.M.
November 21.  Attended 3rd Wd S. School.  Meeting P.M.  Milo Andrus preached.  Attended Theological Class at 4 P.M.  J. G. Bleak spoke on Palestine & the 12 Tribes of Jacob.  Visited at E. G. Woolleys in the evening.  Bro & Sister Bentley present
November 22.  My Wedding day been married 18 years.  Marys. Birthday aged 36.  Georges aged 17 and Mary Elizas ages Six.  presented Mary with a Bedroom Clock  George a Picture of Prest Young, Mamie, a plated Knife & Fork & Spoon.  Worked in Office all day and had Company in the evening.  had an enjoyable time.  present, Bro & two Sisters Macfarlane, Bro Adams, Bro & two Sister Ivins, Sister Bentley, E. G. Woolley & Wife,
W. E. Dodge & Wife & E. Schoppman.
November 23.  Alice Goddard Married Orson Woolley,  Worked in Office all day, attended Mutual in evening.  Jos. F. Wilkinson and daughter Emily stopped all night with us.
November 24.  At Temple.  Recording. & Washed.  In Office P.M.
November 25.  At Temple  Anointed & Recorded  In Office P.M.  (p. 70)
November 26.  At Temple.  Rec. & Clothed.  Sent $6.90 to Geo Barnard St. George, 1880, November & December            A. R. Whitehead, p. 85 (91)
& Co.  Wrote to L. E. Hall, & John Rohner, worked in Office
November 27.  Worked in Office all day
November 28.  Attended 3rd Ward Sab. School in Company with Supt Romney put in Hector McQuarrie as Supt and R. G. McQuarrie and F. B. Woolley his Assistants.  I set apart F. B. Woolley.  attended Meeting in the Tabernacle at 2 P.M.  E. B. Snow and H. Eyring were the Speakers. attended Choir practice at 3-30 and the Theological Class at 4 P.M. Was mouth in prayer  Bro Bleak took suddenly sick.  I took him home in a Buggy  Mary G. and myself took supper at E. G. Woolleys  Bro & Sis Bentley present.
November 29.  Worked in the Office all day
November 30.  Worked in the Office all day  Attended the W. M. M. I. Assn in the evening.  my Son George rendered the Book of Mormon exercise very well for his first attempt.
December 1.  At Temple Rec & H. Horn.  Attended P. Circle  Priesthood Meeting in the evening.  Oscar Wood stayed all night with us.  Received a letter from Mother
December 3.  At Temple.  Rec & Anointed.  In Store.  Painting Organ & Sewing Machine, repaired Accordeons.  Attended Rehearsal in the evening.
December 4.  In the Office all day.  performed in London Assurance in the evening.  part of Mark Meddle.
December 5.  Attended Meeting T. Colburn, F. W. Jones & Milo Andrus addressed the Meeting.  Wrote to Mother & Jos Goddard sent him $2.00 St. George, 1880, December           A. R. Whitehead, p. 86 (92)
Attended Theological Class & Joined as a Member.  the Subject talked upon "What is the Second death."  Bro Bleaks answer "Death of or dis solution of the Spirit.  Bro & Sis Bentley and Bro & Sister E. G. Woolley took Supper with us.
December 6.  County Court and Probate Court all day.
December 7.  Worked in Office A.M.  Visited the Schools with Trustee R. Bentley P.M.  attended Mutual in the evening.
December 8.  At the Temple.  Recording and Anointing.  Works in the Office.  Wrote to Mrs. Barratt & others.  Rehearsal in the evening. (p. 71)
December 9.  At the Temple  Rec. & Anointing.  Worked in Office all day
December 10.  At the Temple Rec. & Washing.  Worked in Office all day
December 11.  In Office all day  worked on City Books
December 12.  Attended Meeting in Tabernacle
December 13.  In Office all day
December 14.  In Office all day  Attended Y. M. M. Imp. Assn in evening
December 15.  In Office all Morning opening Goods P.M.
December 16.  Went to the factory on Company's business
December 17.  At the temple Recorded.
December 18.  Conference all day.  Jno Empey Killed himself, sat on the Coroners Jury.
December 19.  Conference, was sustained as 2nd Councellor to Bp D H Cannon
December 20.  Worked in Store nearly all day.  paid my Tithing for 1880, $140.
December 21.  Worked in Store & Office all day.
December 22.  At Temple Washed & Recorded.  In Office P.M. St. George, 1880, December       A. R. Whitehead, p. 87 (93)
December 23.  At Temple  Anointed & Recorded.  Attended Celebration of Joseph Smiths Birthday in the Tabernacle.  commencing at 2 P.M.  Addresses by Jacob Gates, H. Eyring, M Andrus  E. Barney, S. Foster, Prest J. D. T. McAllister, Bro Nobles Eliza R. Snow & Zina Young, both Wives of the Prophet Joseph.  In the evening attended an entertainment in the Social Hall celebrating the occasion, where cake, apples & Wine were distributed and Speeches Songs and Dancing was the order of the evening.
December 24.  At the Temple.  Recording & Held Horn, in the Office and Store the remainder of the day.  Managed a party in the Hall in the evening under the Auspices of the Young Mens Mutual Imp. Association.
December 25.  Christmas Day.  In the Store until 1 P.M.  took dinner at E. G. Woolleys.  attended and Managed Leap year Ball in the evening.
December 26.  Attended Meeting in the Tabernacle.
December 27.  County Court all day.
December 28.  In Office all day
December 29.  At Temple.  Rec. Held Horn.  Yehoval & Vale.  In Office P.M.
December 30.  At Temple.  Rec. Anointed Yehoval & Vale.  In Office P.M.
December 31.  At Temple.  Rec.  Anointed Yehoval & Vale.  In Office P.M. St. George, 1881, January   A. R. Whitehead, p. 88 (94)
January 1, 1881.  Spent the day chiefly on the Square.
January 2.  Attended Meeting and Ward Meeting in the evening
January 3.  In Office attended Election of G. G. M. Co.  P.M.  Rehearsal in the evening.  (p. 72)
January 4.  Worked in Office A.M.  City Council P.M.
January 5.  At Temple.  Recording.  Eloheim and Vail.  Worked in Office P.M.
January 6.  At Temple same as yesterday.  Attended Rehearsal in evening
January 7.  At Temple same as yesterday.  Office P.M.  Meeting of Board of Grand Gulch Mng Co. at 4 P.M.  Rehearsal in the evening.
January 8.  Received Goods from the East opened them.  Worked in Office the remainder of the day.  Performed at Theatre in the evening.
January 9.  Went to Meeting.  1 P.M.  H. Eyring & Bro Bramhall Preached
January 10.  Worked in Office all day
January 11.  Worked in Office all day
January 12.  At Temple Rec. H. Horn & Witness.  Juie A Ivins and Aaron J Macdonald Married.  was invited to Party in the eve.g did not go.
January 13.  At Temple.  Rec. & H. Horn, Worked in Office.  George not very well.
January 14.  At Temple.  Rec. & Washed.  Worked in Office  Dolphys Birthday
January 15.  In Office all day.  performed at Theatre Eveg Cocodasse & Trotter.
January 16.  Attended Meeting.  Wm Marsden preached.  Attended Theological Class Subject, "Who was the father of the Negroes"  Given by St. George, 1881, January                      A. R. Whitehead, p. 89 (95)
Jas G. Bleak proved by the Bible and from the Pearl of Great Price, that Hams wife being a Canaanite brought the dark Skin blood through the Ark and the Curse of Noah on Canaan the son of Ham, reinstated the dark of Negro race.  Attended the Ward Meeting in the evening, it being very Stormy all day but few elderly people were out.  Bp Cannon nor Counselor Platt not being there I took charge of the meeting.
January 17.  Opened and marked Goods in the A.M. and worked in the Office P.M. attended Meeting, of Dramatic Co. in the evening was elected Stage Manager in place of M. P. Romney resigned
January 18.  Worked in Office all day.  Met at 4 P.M. to cast Kathleen Mauoureen
January 19.  Worked at Temples.  Rec. & Washing  Office P.M.
January 20.  Worked at Temple.  Rec.  H. Horn & Vail  Office P.M.
January 21.  Worked at Temple.  Rec. & Anointing & Vail  Office P.M.
January 22.  Worked in Office all day.  performed in Dukes Mottoe & Statue
January 23.  Attended Meeting.  D. Tyler preached.  Attended Class 4 P.M.  Ward Meeting in the Evening addressed by S. L. Adams & A. T. MacDonald
January 24.  Worked in Office all day.
January 25.  Worked in Office all day.
January 26.  At Temple Rec.  Peter & Vail.  Office P.M.
January 27.  At Temple Rec.  Peter & Vail.  Office P.M. (P. 73)
January 28th.  At Temple Rec.  Peter & Vail.  Office P.M.
January 29.  In Office all day.  Theatre in the evening.  Dukes Motto
January 30.  4 A.M. Louella daughter of Mary G. born, quite unwell with St. George, 1881, January & February A. R. Whitehead, p. 90 (96)
cold on my lungs.  did not attend Meeting.
January 31.  Probate Court.  business all day.
February 1.  In Office all day.  sold the Long Valley Farm for $300. took Jas Clark's Note payable to Jas Andrus in Stock.  agreed to give Quit Claim Deed on receipt of order from Andrus that he had paid the Stock Christiansens Mormon Panorama in the City.  Mary and the Children attended.
February 2.  At the Temple.  Rec. & H. Horn.  In Office P.M.  attended Panorama in the evening.  consisting of Views of early scenes of the Church
February 3.  At Temple.  Rec. & Anointed.  In Office.  attended Priest- hood meeting at 6-30 P.M.  the Panorama was exhibited to the S. S. Children and general public at 7-30 P.M. in the upper room of the Tabernacle  I was called upon to Lecture upon the Subjects of the Views. being, Jos. Smiths Visions and early history and persecutions of the Saints, views of Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples &c it being my first attemp(t) I was quite timid in starting out, but done much better than I had expected to.  talked until I was quite hoarse.
February 4.  At Temple.  Rec. & H. H.  took charge of Childrens Party P.M.  and Ward Party in the evening.  had a very good time.  took Laura Gardner to the party
February 5th.  Worked in Office.  A.M.  City Council P.M.
February 6th.  Went to the Office.  Wrote Letters to Jos Goddard & My Mother to D. P. Whedon and to Lorenzo Watson of Kanab.  Attended Meeting at 2 P.M.  Milo Andrus preached his farewell sermon, before leaving for St. George, 1881, February                                                                A. R. Whitehead, p. 91 (97)
Green River.  Attended Class, 4 P.M.  Addressed by Elder D. Tyler, on the subject of "How the Blood of Ephraim became scattered among the Gentiles"  Attended Ward Meeting in the evening  time occupied by Bp Thos. S. Terry and Myself.  Myself & son George blessed the baby, Louella
February 7th.  Made deed from Thos. Riding, of lot 4 Bl 2, Plat A, St George, and agreed with John H. Miles to deliver said deed or make one to him or his Assigns.  provided he paid me for it as follows $150.00 Canaan Stock and 25.00 Cash bearing interest at 18% per Annum. (in margin J. H. Miles See my Agreement in Letter Book.) (P. 74)
Jan (sic) 8 Tuesday.  Worked in Office all day.  Attended Lecture in Evening.
February 9 Wed.  At Temple.  Rec. Anointed.  In Office P.M.  Rehearsal Evening
February 10 Thurs.  At Temple.  Rec. Anointed.  In Office P.M.  Choir Practice Evening
February 11 Fri.  At Temple  H. Horn & Rec.  In Office P.M.  Commenced Painting Porch
February 12 Sat.  In Office all day.  Played in Groaning Statue in evening
February 13. Sun.  Attended Meeting.  Moroni Snow addressed the Meeting. attended Class at 4 P.M.  Ward Meeting in the evening.  J. M. Macfarlane Preached
February 14. Mon.  In Office all day till 4 P.M.  Painted in the evening
February 15. Tues.  In Office all day till 4 P.M.  Painted in the evening
February 16 Wed.  At Temple.  Clothed & Rec.  In Office P.M.  the evening Painted. St. George, 1881, February & March  A. R. Whitehead, p. 92 (98)
February 17 Thur.  At Temple, Clothed & Rec.  In Office P.M.  Wrote to Bro. Funk.
February 18. Fri.  At Temple.  H. H. & Rec.  In Office P.M.
February 19. Sat.  In Office all day.  City Council 2 P.M.  Theatre in evening
February 20 Sun.  Attended Meeting.  Theological Class & Ward Meeting
February 21 Mon.  Mary very sick.  at home nearly all day.  Rehearsal at night
February 22 T.  In Office and Store all day.  Mary still very ill
February 23 W. At Temple.  Rec.  Mary a little better.
February 24. T.  At Temple.  Rec. & Clothed.  In Office all day
February 25 Fri.  At Temple Rec.  In Office all day  Ward Party. evening
February 26 Sat.  In Office A.M.  High P. Quorum Meeting 2 P.M.  Priest- hood M.  7 P.M.
February 27 S.  Attended Meeting.  addressed by Apostle Woodruff.  T. Class 4 P.M.  subject "Marriage"  Ward Meeting 7 P.M.  G. Teasdale & W. Woodruff Preached
February 28 M.  In Office.  Canvassed Votes of Silver Reef Election &c
March 1 29 Tues.  At Temple.  Received End.t for Gilbert Hart.  for Bro Woodruff.  Anointed. & Worked at Vail.  2nd Wd Exhibition in evening
March 2nd Wed.  At Temple H.H. & Rec.  In Office P.M.  Rehearsal in the evening
March 3rd T.  At Temple Clothed & Rec.  Attended Fast Meeting, blessed two children
March 4th F.  At Temple  Rec.  In Office P.M. St. George, 1881, March A. R. Whitehead, p. 93 (99)
March 5th S.  At Temple  In Office P.M.  performed Polydor in Ingoman at Theatre
March 6 S.  At Meeting.  Class.  at 4 P.M.  Wd Meeting in evening
March 7 M.  In Office, County Court.
March 8 T.  In Office, all day
March 9 W.  At Temple  Clothed & Rec.  Endowed for Gilbert Gates, visited at Bro J. Gates in evening.  his 70th Birthday.  Mary G. Accompanied me.
March 10 T.  At Temple.  H. H. & Rec.  In Office.  Sorting papers  Mrs Whitmore married Jno Casey.  did not feel well on seeing him admitted in the Temple
March 11 F.  At Temple.  Rec & Anointed.  told Bp Cannon the feelings of the people were considerably worked up because Casey was admitted in the Temple.  said I would not have recommended him.  In Office P.M. (p. 75)
March 12 S.  In Office all day.  (13)  Attended Meeting
March 14 M.  In Office all day  (15)  In Store all day
March 16 W.  At Temple.  Rec. & Wash room  (17)  The same as yesterday.
March 18 Fri.  At Temple.  Rec. & Wash High Priests Meeting P.M.
March 19 Sat.  Conference.  Was Appointed Stake Supt of S. Schools
March 20 Sun.  Conference  Present of the Twelve, J. H. Smith, F. M. Lyman  B. Young & W. Woodruff, had an excellent conference  held Quarterly Conference of Supts & Teachers of S. S in evening
March 21.  In Office all day.  (22)  At Temple  A.M.  Rec. at font. Received a Telegram from E. Snow to meet him at Parowan. St. George, 1881, March                                             A. R. Whitehead, p. 94 (100)
March 23.  Started in my Buggy for Parowan arrived at Leeds took dinner and drove to Belleview.
March 24.  Left Belleview with Bro Gates, drove to Kanara  took dinner with John Berry and drove to Cedar  stopped at Bro Birkbecks, attended Meeting in evening
March 25.  Drove to Summit for dinner took dinner with Bro J. M. Truman. drove to Parowan and put up at Bro H. D. Bayliss's  met Prest Snow and attended Exhibition of Young Mens & Young Ladies Mutual Imp Assn.  8 little Boys played a tune on Tin Whistles very nicely.
March 26.  Attended Conference, after Reports, J. D. T. McAllister, E. Snow, W. Woodruff, J. H. Smith and F. M. Lyman addressed the Meetings Morning, Afternoon and evening.  held Board Meeting of the Zions Coop Rio Vir Mng Co.  Between Meetings the 5 Members of the Twelve were present, also Four Members of the Board besides Prest Snow.  It was decided that T. J. Jones should be released on the 16th of April and that the Executive Committee should take charge for the present.  Prest Snow said Prest Taylor had agreed to furnish the proportion of Wool for the Church to run the Factory.
March 27.  Attended Conference Meetings addressed by Prest.  Woodruff, B. Young, J. D. T. McAllister J Gates, Geo Teasdale, H. Lunt, J. W. Crosby and Myself.  I talked 25 Minutes,  after Meeting we returned to Cedar & stayed at Bro Nielsens. (p. 76)
March 28.  Drove to Kanara, took dinner with Sister Roundy, drove to Belleview and stopped at J Gates
March 29.  I drove to Leeds and took dinner, broke my Buggy Shaft. St. George, 1881, March & April   A. R. Whitehead, p. 95 (101)
Emily Wilkinson came home with me to visit Mary E. for a few days.
March 30.  Went to Washington to assist M. P. Romney prosecute, Charles Smithson, Alma Young  Land Pace and George Prince for resisting Officers and stabbing Jno F. Chidester.
March 31.  Went to Washington to Court.  P.M.  Temple A.M.
April 1.  At Temple.  Rec. and Anointing.  Washington at 2 P.M.  Went around through the Field to look at land.  Trial closed, boys plead Guilty and bound over returned home about 7 P.M.  Attended Dress Ball at the Hall.  while there, heard of the death of Thos J. Pearce, who fell from a Wagon and broke his neck coming from Washington drunk, in company with Jas Andrus, A. P. Hardy and N. Ashby.
April 2.  In Office all day.
April 3.  Attended Meeting.  and Sunday School 1st Wd.
April 4.  In Office until 10 A.M.  Went to the Factory, instructed Bro McGuire to send East for Wool Oil, took Mary G. with me and the two little girls.
April 5.  In Office all day.  had a Thunder Shower  Bro Jarvis Youngest Son Killed by lightning
April 6.  At Temple.  Rec. & Clothed.  Peter & V.  Attended Funeral 4-30 P.M.
April 7.  At Temple.  Rec. & An.  Peter & V.  In Office P.M.
April 8.  At Temple.  Rec.  Clothed  Peter & V.  Mary recd 2d Anoing in Office P.M.
April 9.  In Office all day.
April 10 Sun.  2nd Wd S. School.  Attended Meeting & Wd Meeting in evening St. George, 1881, April, May & June            A. R. Whitehead, p. 96 (102)
April 11th.  At Factory all day.
April 12.  In Office Recording Maps. &c 1st Wd S. School party in evening.
April 13.  At Factory all day.  looking over Machinery &c
April 14.  At Temple Rec. & Anointed.  In Office & Store all day.
April 30.  At the Factory the balance of the Month, every day excepting Saturdays.  had to quit the Temple on account of going to the Factory to take charge.
May 1.  Attended Meeting in Tabernacle.  (p. 77)
May 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.  At the Factory.  putting in New Flume & Repairing
May 7.  In Office and Store all day.
May 8.  Went to Santa Clara with Asst.  Supt H. Pickett and attended Meeting in Tabernacle on our return.
May 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13.  At the Factory all the time.
May 14.  In the Office all day.
May 15.  Attended Meeting in the Tabernacle
May 16 & 17th.  At the Factory each day
May 18th.  In the Office on School a/cs all day
May 19th & 20th.  Factory each day.
May 21st.  In Office.  A.M.  City Council P.M.
May 22nd.  Attended Meeting in Tabernacle.
May 28th.  At the Factory all week.  except today.  am quite unwell
May 29.  At home all day  Sick.
May 30 & 31.  At the Factory
June 1, 2, & 3.  At the Factory  Starting up the Machinery. St. George, 1881, June - September     A. R. Whitehead, p. 97 (103)
June 4.  In the Office.  Meeting of School Trustee A.M.  City Council P.M. visited all the principal parts of the City in Company with the Council to instruct the Marshall as to abating nuisances.  had an attack of the hives in the evening.
June 5.  At meeting in the Tabernacle.  Bros.  S. L. Adams and D. D. McArthur addressed the people.  I thought Bro McA rather hard on two Presbyterian Ministers who were present, Mr A. Cort and Mr Murphy.
June 6.  In the Office.  Regular Term of County Court.  School Election at 7-30 P.M.  Received a Bill for $1250 from Jno W. Snell for Groceries &c furnished my Mother in Salt Lake City.
July 21.  Louella died after two weeks sickness.  she was Six Mos. old. Mary G. and myself had just started in the Buggy to take her in the Mountains, she died near Eardleys
July 22.  Buried Louella at 4 P.M.
July 24.  Took Mary for an out to Pinto started at 6 A.M.  arrived there about 8 P.M.  had been a heavy flood there Washing away their gardens, fences &c doing much damage
July 26.  returned home found all well.
August 7.  Went to Leeds attended Sunday School and returned home. (p. 78)
August 14th.  Attended S. School in the 4th Wd St. George
August 20th.  In Office all day, been at Factory at Washington all week. Wrote to Jos. Orton Eng.  sent $5.00 to him.
August 27th.  Nothing worthy of Note transpired during the week.  I have been at the Factory Most of the time.
September 1st.  Went to Leeds took Mary, went to Silver Reef St. George, 1881, September        A. R. Whitehead, p. 98 (104)
September 2nd.  Returned home.
September 3rd.  Bought M. P. Romneys interest in Lucerne Land  10 acres. paid $450.00  Factory Goods.  Sent $50.00 to E. T. Allen San Francisco. Meeting of Trustees in the evening, engaged E. Schoppman as Teacher.
September 4th.  In Office all day
September 5th.  Wrote Jos. Goddard, Mrs. Ellsworth & Geo Earl.
[end of his journal entries]

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